He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/16/2017

Scouts: Hello everyone, I am back!  Thanks for putting up with the shortened post yesterday!  So I finally made the plunge and cut cable.  I was literally only continuing to carry it for baseball.  So, after some work-around solutions were acquired, I was finally able to purchase MLB.tv and ditch the cord all-together!  I have to say I’m incredibly happy with the service. Not only am I saving about $70 a month but I now have access to every single game there is.  And with the website, you can actually watch up to 4 game simultaneously, plus have immediate access to all stats and highlights.  It’s been a weekend full of wall-to-wall baseball in my house as I’ve gone from one game to another to the next.  Plus the service is accessible absolutely anywhere.  I can pop it on while at work to catch the beginning of a early game.  I can also combine the service with the MLB At Bat app on my phone.  This allowed me to go to the grocery store this weekend, pop in my headphones, and listen to the game, which made for what is typically a very annoying process into one I found quite pleasurable.  I didn’t even care if people gave me dirty looks for having headphones in at the store, I was too busy being whisked away to a far off baseball game.



Braves 9, Blue Jays 5Scouts: Freddie Freeman now is tied for the MLB lead in dingers.  Matt Kemp is hotter than the surface of the sun.


Rays 6, Indians 4Scouts: This one could have been a lot worse than it ended up being.  The Rays jacked 5 bombs, but 4 of them were solo shots.

Nationals 8, Pirates 4Scouts: Royce Harper did what Royce Harper does and blasted a very long, very hard homer in the 9th.  Robbie Zimmerman continues to have one hell of a season.


Orioles 13, Tigers 11 F/13Scouts:  This game was just BONKERS.  After blowing a 6 run lead by giving up a grand slam in the 7th, the O’s came back to tie in the 9th, then took the lead in the 12th, blew that, and took the lead once again in the 13th.  It’s been incredibly painful to watch the typically solid O’s bullpen blow lead after lead after lead the past week.  Chris Davis went 3-5 with two home runs, 4 RBI, and two walks including the game winning blast.


Astros 12, Marlins 2Scouts: Jake Marisnick had himself a game with a pair of dingers and a rouble as the Astros just demolished the Marlins.


Reds 5, Cubs 9Scouts: The Cubs went for a ride getting homers from Ian Happ, Addison Russell, and Anthony Rizzo.  This was Joe Maddon’s 1,000th victory.


Phillies 1, Rangers 5Scouts: Yu Darvish went 7 strong innings picking up 9 punch outs and giving up just a single run.

Rockies 7, Twins 3Scouts: Minnesota matched Colorado run for run, that is until a 4 run 6th that put the Twins away for good.  Colorado is now 12-5 on the road and might just be for real.

Red Sox 6, Cardinals 3Scouts: It’s pretty hard to give up 3 errors and still win a ball game, and it’s damn near impossible when you are facing a quality team like Boston.

Yankees 7, Royals 1Scouts:  CC Sebathia has been having a pretty rough year so far, but tonight he looked like the Sebathia of old shutting out the Royals for 6 2/3 innings and ending the Kansas City win streak.

Mets 4, D’Backs 5Scouts: Paul Goldschmidt stole home.  Just sit and think about that for a minute.  Never in my life would I have thought I’d write those collection of words.

White Sox 6, Angels 7 F/11Scouts: LA almost blew it, giving up a run in the 11th, but Albert Pujols just wasn’t having none of that collecting the walk-off win with his second RBI single of the night.


Brewers 6, Padres 2Scouts: Jimmy Nelson gave up 7 hits in just 6 innings, but kept the damage to a minimum as the Brew Crew batted around in the first inning and put it on cruise control from there.

A’s 9, Mariners 6Scouts: 10 of the game’s 15 runs came in the 7th and beyond. Seattle blew a 5-4 run lead in the 9th off of a Matt Joyce 2 run and a Mark Canha three run home run.


Dodgers 1, Giants 2Scouts: San Francisco has now won 6 of their last 10 games and suddenly does not have the worst record in baseball.  That distinction falls to the Padres who just barely hold a half game lead over the Marlins.

12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/16/2017

  1. Last night saw a return to 2016 form, for at least one night, for Blake Treinen, as he was called upon to put out a fire in the 7th. The Pirates had scored three off a combination of Strasburg, Albers, and Perez, with a Zimmerman throwing error aiding the Bucs’ cause, and had closed to 6-4 with two on and none out.

    Treinen got a double play grounder and a strikeout to get out of the inning, Enny Romero had a clean 8th, and with a chant of “Screw the Save!” emanating from the Nats’ dugout (Harper’s HR in the 9th took a save off the table), Koda Glover pitched around a couple of hits to close out the game and launch a hundred think pieces today on whether or not this might be the turning point for the bullpen.

    Magic eight ball says “Outlook in doubt”, but the Nats have a nine game lead in the N.L. Least, so there’s lots of time to figure it out.


  2. A career game for Marisnick. I love the little dude. But I will predict with certainty he is never having a ten-base game again. But it was fun.

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    1. I, too, heart Jake from State Farm. Lol he’s one of my fave younger players.

      Sorry, guys, I fell asleep in my chair last night instead of writing my recaps. I’m a bad Prof.


  3. In addition to the Ray’s HRs, they also accumulated 16 Ks on the night ( yes, I said 16!), further extending their MLB lead in that feat!

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    1. Freddie Freeman has homered against every team the Braves have played this year. I feel like a momma bear, so proud. Lol


  4. Couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like Pujols wasn’t all that thrilled with his happy teammates for dumping crap on his head after the walk-off. Maybe he thought they should have known he was going to walk it off and treat it as no big deal. Or maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t like crap dumped on his head.

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      1. Seems to me he’s been in a perennial bad mood ever since the Cards thought he wasn’t worth the GDP of a medium-sized country.

        Still a hall-of-famer. But cranky? You bet.

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  5. Meh. When you demolish a building, it puts up a little resistance. That’s more than you can say for the Feesh last night. They just put their hands over their heads and curled up like festuses. I heard they were gonna rename the clubhouse “Schlachthof Funf.”

    Former rotation cotterpin Tom Koehler and arson pen mainstay Junichi Tazawa were sent into exile after the game, Koehler to the minors and Tazawa to the salary insurance bench on the DL.


  6. Lost in all the extra inning scoring in the O’s / Tigers game (thanks for blowing that save, Justin Wilson) is that in 4 games since coming off the DL, JD Martinez has 4 HR, 8 RBI and an OPS of 2.147. Channeling his inner Nuke Laloosh and announcing his presence with authority.


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