He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/15/17

Prof:  It’s going to be warm today for most of the country. Let’s pretend it’s summertime with some top down, roller skate music. Scout is apparently not well, so enjoy this abbreviated post.

Brewers 5 Padres 6Scouts: Eric Sogard hit a go-ahead homer in the top of the 10th.

Braves 10, Blue Jays 6Prof: What does it mean when the Braves have a bigger number next to their name than their opponent? Thank all the gods that they didn’t throw away another great Freddie Freeman performance. Which, by the way, included a three run homer to put Atlanta on top of the streaking Blue Jays.

Mets 3, Diamondbacks 7 Prof: The Gritty Snakes shut Michael Conforto down. Also, they destroyed New York’s hopes and dreams with an eight run eighth inning.

White Sox 3, Angels 5Scouts: Mike Trout has now homered in 4 straight games.

Athletics 5, Mariners 6Scouts: Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager both homered for the win.

Dodgers 4, Giants 8  – Scouts: Matt Cain was looking pretty good as the Giants are now on a 4 game roll.  What?

Rays 7, Indians 8Prof:  The Magical Land of Cleve defeated the Florida Sea Creatures on sheer guts, beating their streaky ace Chris Archer. Francisco Lindor Truffle hit a home run in the eighth inning and Lonnie Chisenhall, who sounds like either the front man for an Allman Brothers cover band or a trust fund baby, hit a three run homer of his own.

Astros 7, Marlins 2Prof:  Sorry, Gator. It was good while it lasted, aye? But congrats to our buddy Stex. Your Astros are red hot cha-cha. Fun fact – Houston hit a grand slam this game and in Sunday’s game at Yankee Stadium, which is the first time it’s happened in franchise history. How cool is that? Jose Altuve continues to do Jose Altuve things, like hitting home runs with 3 RBI.

(Prof note – if you ever want to get in my good graces forever, listen to me ramble about Olly Murs for hours because I have been a fan of his since BEFORE he ever crossed over to America. I adore this guy.)

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/15/17

  1. That’s OK, Prof. The Astros are a class organization (once their owners got past trading nonexistent energy shares, anyway) and it’s a perverse pleasure to watch them rubbing Scrooge McLoria’s nose in his own poopoo. Of course, everyone else is too, so maybe that isn’t saying much. Junichi Tanizawa has got to go, though. I hear Toho Productions is filming a remake of Gilligan’s Island without the fungal infections. Maybe they could use him.

    Tonight the Feesh will be feeding Tom Koehler’s evil twin (it’s his turn in the rotation) to Dallas Keuchel, but that’s OK too, since elsewhere in Macondo people will be sacrificing their Tuesday goats to Samedhi, Dambala, Ghede and Jobu at about the same time.


    1. Was Strailly any more than bruised last night, OG? Keep him in and the result could have looked a lot different.


      1. BTW, if by “classy” you mean showing some competence in running a baseball team, I think you are making a fair statement about the Astros’ management. Jim Crane actually played amateur ball at one point, and I think it shows in his ownership decisions.

        If you are referring to being good human beings, that conclusion is a bit more in play.

        But then, what are we as fans really looking for?


        1. Strailly was bruised and will make his next start. As far as the outcome, he wasn’t going more than seven, which would have given our hopeless boolpen two full innings to lose it for him.

          Tonight, of course, a full scale massacre is in progress. A Fox commentator has begun the chorus for a teardown. I doubt, though, that Scrooge McLoria, with a sale in the works, even remotely cares enough to deal with it.


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