So You Want To Be A Baseball Nerd

Do you find yourself interested in advanced baseball stats but a little lost when it comes to breaking it all down? Well, Tuesday’s Tigers broadcast is just for you.



I don’t know if the team got tired of having the most racist dumbest fans in baseball or if they decided the guys in the analytics department need to justify their jobs since Al Avila isn’t Building a Better Bullpen with all their maths and stuff, but they are going to work some advanced stats training into the television coverage for the evening.

It’s going to be introductory, so if you’re well-versed in the acronyms and research, it will probably bore you. But, if you’d like a refresher or need to learn the basics, it should be an entertaining way to be introduced. I’m assuming (ahem) that they’ll use the play on the field and Statcast visuals for examples. Our broadcast team is generally geared toward the average Michigan graduate <insert Betsy DeVos joke here>, so hopefully they’ll do a good job of translating the jargon and concepts to laypeople. Rod Allen and Mario Impemba are pretty lively and should keep it from getting bogged down. They aren’t stat nerds themselves (google: Rod Allen drinking game), which might actually make for amusing antics for those who understand the stats already. (Every time Rod responds with: “What’s it good for?” when someone says, “WAR,” drink!)

So, learn along with Rod, and tune in Tuesday night (6:10 pm CT) as we get stat-y against the Orioles.

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