He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/14/17

Prof:  Last week was so crappy. I’m glad I get a do-over. Friday I was able to meet up with a friend for the first time in a few months, though, so that was great. Otherwise I’d like to forget that the whole week even happened. Sunday I spent most of the day watching documentaries about serial killers and true crime on Netflix, with a palate cleanser of the life of Prince Philip mixed in. I live an awesome life. Anyway, without further ado, here are some scores.

Scouts: Happy Monday morning to you all!  I hope that you all had a fantastic Mother’s day weekend.  To all the Moms out there, I hope you had your perfect day and to all the Sons out there, I hope you all reached out to every Mom you know and did your best to make their day extra special.  The one thing that wasn’t extra special was the horrendous uniforms that MLB sported all weekend.  Pink bats, shoes, gloves, is cool and all.  But when you combine that with a different shade of pink and grey.  Just no thank you.  Plus it made all of MLB look like one massive inter-mural spilt-squad game.  It was pretty difficult to tell who was who and who was batting when it was pink on white facing pink on two shades of grey.  There has to be a better way to celebrate the holiday MLB.



Twins 3, Indians 8Prof:  The Magical Land of Cleve defeated Minneapolis with some mighty left from Jason Kipnis, who homered twice. Drone enthusiast Trevor Bauer gets the win.


Tigers 1, Angels 4Scouts: Verlander struck out 7 in 6 innings, but couldn’t hold back Trout and Danny Espinosa who both homered for the Angels.

Reds 3, Giants 8Scouts: The Giants picked up a rare victory, piling on 7 runs in the first two innings.  To make the day even worse, Reds starter Tim Adleman left the game in the first with a stiff neck.

Braves 1, Marlins 3Prof:  Gator, take solace in the fact that your Feesh beat a team yesterday. But sink back down into Strange Attractor territory by realizing it’s the woebegotten Braves, who once again decided to crap all over a great Freddie Freeman season. I’d like to remind our gentle readers of my Freddie Freeman is the new Dale Murphy theory. Anyway, some guy named Tyler Moore smacked a three run homer off the shell of R.A. Dickey and Barraclough – who has an amazing last name – gets the win for the Marlins.

Phillies 4, Nationals 3 (Game 1), Phillies 5, Nationals 6 (Game 2)Prof:  There was rain in the DMV this weekend, and because of that we had ourselves a double header at Nationals Park. A true split decision, too.  Bryce Harper hit a homer in game one and went 3 for 4 with an RBI in game two.

Scouts: It’s funny, you can always tell those that didn’t grow up here, because they are the only ones who refer to it as the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia).   See, those that grew up here, DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles, or MVA (Maryland Vehicle Administration).  The whole DMV thing is newer, and a tough pill for us long term residents to swallow.  Us old folks prefer the DC Metro Area or the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area.


Cubs 0, Cardinals 5Scouts: The Cubs fall a game below .500 as they got shut out by the Cardinals and Adam Wainwright.  Jake Arrieta is now 4-3 with a 5.44 ERA.


Mets 9, Brewers 11Prof:  The Brewers sweep the Mets in this slugfest. Imagine me saying that at the beginning of April. Would you have believed it? Nope. No one would. I doubt even Craig Counsell would have. The Mets’ Michael Conforto continues to do great things for a crappy club – short of the cycle once again. #SaveConforto

Athletics 4, Rangers 6Scouts: Texas has now won 6 in a row after coming from behind with a 3 run 7th on the A’s.


Mariners 2, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Kevin Pillar sent them home happy with the walk-off home run that delivered a sweep for the Blue Jays who are suddenly playing like they were expected to at the beginning of the season.  Could this be the turn around series the team needed?  Is it not too late?

Rays 11, Red Sox 2Scouts: Believe it or not, this game was actually close for most of the day.  That is until a 7 run 9th blew up in the Red Sox’s faces.  Boston continues to have serious starting pitching woes as Drew Pomeranz left after just three innings due to the dreaded triceps tightness.

Astros 6, Yankees 11 (Game 1), Astros 10, Yankees 7 (Game 2)Prof:  This was a big day for New York. Today they retired Derek Jeter’s number 2. So, they played two. Not deliberately,  New York had the same weather system that we did here in the Chesapeake Bay region, but fitting nonetheless. The Jeter ceremony was between the two games. In game one, the Yankees came out swinging after being down 3, when Starlin Castro hit a big homer off Mike Fiers in the fourth inning. It was all downhill from there for Houston. Then, Tanaka got roughed up in game two. I mean, really bad. I mean, six runs in the first inning bad. I guess Orbit’s boys found their mojo again.


Padres 3, White Sox 9Prof: I think yesterday was Hawk Harrelson Alarm Clock Day at Guaranteed Rate Field (hahahahahahaha OMG I can’t breathe it’s so stupid). Did I ever tell y’all about the truly horrible date I went on, where the guy did a Hawk Harrelson impression to try and woo me? Did I tell you that I never ever talked to that guy again? Anyway, the White Sox got eight runs in the eighth inning, spearheaded by the very excellent Todd Frazier.

Dodgers 6, Rockies 9Scouts: The Dodgers came within 1 i the 8th but Colorado came back and slammed the door in their face with Patt Valaika’s second two-run home run of the day.  Arenado, Puig, and Seager also hit homers.

Pirates 6, Diamondbacks 4 F/10Prof:  Free baseball out in the desert, but it didn’t go the Gritty Snakes’ way. Jose Osuna, who previously had only one major league home run on his resume, now has two, as he hit a two run homer in extras to give the Buccos the win.

Orioles 8, Royals 9Scouts: It’s been a really rough week for Orioles fans.  First they blow a game late to the Nats, then after a day off, they get swept by the lowely Royals, each game losing by just one run.  The O’s had a chance to win this one with a man on 3rd and 1 out, but Seth Smith struck out and Jonathan Schoop flew out to end the game and the series.

13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/14/17

  1. I didn’t grow up here, but have spent well more than half my life here, moving to VA in 1989. I keep trying to make “Baltimore Washington Metroplex” happen, but, much like “Fetch”, it’s never going to happen.

    You know what else isn’t going to happen? This Nationals team winning a World Series, or even a playoff series, not with the bullpen they currently have. The split doubleheader yesterday gave us fans two chances to watch them piss away a lead in the late innings, and only a home run from Michael A. “This Is My Last Shot” Taylor pulled the second game out of the fire for the Nats.

    The win in the second game, and the game itself, were very nearly rendered moot in the 4th inning, when this happened:


    That’s a 100mph line drive off the inside of the left knee, but somehow Scherzer managed to pull himself together and pitch through the 6th, including an immaculate inning in the 5th. It’s his world, I just live in it.

    Bryce Harper had himself a pretty good weekend. In addition to his offensive output yesterday, Saturday he had his last arb-eligible year (2018) bought out for $21M plus, and he celebrated by hitting a walkoff HR on a night when the Nats rallied back from a four run deficit and the bullpen pitched 4 1/3 scoreless innings.

    Nats travel to Pittsburgh now. Nats/Pirates isn’t nearly the hate fest that Caps/Penguins is, but the last time they got together, there was a little bad blood involving Jung Ho Kang and A.J. Cole, but neither man is currently on his team’s active roster, so I don’t expect any carryover.


  2. I was very happy that the Astros could sail into Yankee Stadium against a very tough Yankees team and win three out of four.

    But Jeez, Sunday. Sometimes you can pitch through them. Other times you have to club them into submission. At no time during that second game did I feel the Astros’ lead was safe.


  3. I hate that Mr. Big song with a burning passion. It’s one of those songs like Every Breath You Take that drives me bonkers when people consider it romantic. It’s gross and insulting — and unlike Every Breath You Take, has no redeeming social value. It sucks. I hate it. It’s awful.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Back in the days when Rush toured with opening acts, I had to sit through a set of Mr. Big. Very painful. The T shirts they were selling had “When you’re this big, they call you Mr.” printed on the back.


      1. THANK YOU for pointing that out. I read Historio, and while I am a fan of the Police – saw them in Hollywood just as they were breaking – I never thought that was a romantic song and laughed at all the people at work who thought it was so dreamy. Everybody at work got really pissed off at me for that.

        Oh wait, they were all pissed off at me because I was an asshole. Pointing out that a fave love song was actually a stalker theme song was just gilding the lily.

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  4. Although the Twins did lose Sunday, the story of the weekend is that they won the series with their fellow AL Central titan and now occupy the lonely summit of baseball’s marque division. On Friday they won 1 – 0 behind Santana who has apparently changed his name to Johan. On Saturday they won behind a sterling 2017 MLB debut by young Mr. Berrios. On Sunday Santiago, who the stat heads say has been pitching in good fortune, turned in the type of outing that we all feared at the start of the season would be typical for him.

    Conclusion: The Twins aren’t real good and they aren’t real bad, and they sit atop the division where all the kids are above average.


  5. So the Feesh took one of three from the Barves. Two awful teams in a pillowfight to the death.
    Tonight the Astros come in. The Feesh peetchers must feel like logs in a sawmill.

    And Prof, it’s time you rediscovered your lost promiscuity. There’ll be fewer crappy weeks.


    1. LMAO!!!! I am as gentle as a lamb. I cried like a baby when I accidentally kicked a cat. I don’t think I could actually hurt another human being!


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