He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/10/17

Prof:  I was remiss. Yesterday was the thirty-fifth anniversary of one of the finest albums of the eighties, Duran Duran’s Rio! How could I miss that? I’m not a Duranie, not really, but they are among my favorite bands. I love the bass lines. If you doubt me, just look up “Rio Isolated Bass” and marvel at the funkiness. I’m choosing all Duran Duran songs for today’s post. Tomorrow I’ll let Scout do it. LOL

Scouts: Fun story just happened to me.  While attempting to select a few words to un-bold them (WordPress’ editor is crazy stupid sometimes) I somehow managed to select all previous text and delete. (I’m a keyboard shortcut guy and WordPress apparently hates that.)  There is no option to un-delete.  Again, WordPress’ editor is crazy stupid.  Of course this all happened on the very last game post, so it deleted the entire fucking article.  I almost had a mini-heart attack.  Thank goodness for WordPress’ revision history or I would have absolutely lost it.


Cardinals 7, Marlins 5Prof:  Poor Gator. I’m sorry, my man. Dexter Fowler hit an RBI triple to give the Redbirds the lead.

Indians 7, Blue Jays 8Scouts: Ryan Goins picked up his third hit of the night, delivering the walk-off single finally erasing a 7-3 deficit.

Padres 3, Rangers 4Scouts: Texas scored runs on a wild pitch, a balk, a throwing error and even scored the go-ahead run in the 7th without even bothering to get a hit.  I’m not sure if this was a game where one team lost rather than a team winning.

Red Sox 4, Brewers 7Scouts: Eric Thames just continues to rake as the Sox drop the series to the Brew Crew.  Kyle Kendrick is now 0-2 with a 12.96 ERA for the Sox who desperately need starting pitching help.

Mariners 11, Phillies 6Prof:  Chooch’s homecoming went well for him, but not for the team he left behind. The former Phillie great hit a three run double to pad the lead for Seattle. Nevertheless, the legendary catcher is so beloved in Philadelphia that the Phillies cheered the hit as if he still wore Phillies pinstripes. Speaking of, Aaron Altherr hit two home runs for the home team in a losing effort.

Giants 6, Mets 5Prof: Two of the worst teams in the National League battled in a slog of sadness yesterday. The game changer was an error by Mets’ third baseman Wilmer Flores, allowing the Giants to win and snap a losing streak.

Tigers 1, Diamondbacks 7Scouts: Arizona picked up home runs from Nick Ahmed, Brandon Drury, and Yasmany Tomas to split the series with Texas.

Pirates 2, Dodgers 5Scouts: Man, Pittsburgh is sure having a rough season, now 6 games below .500, it seems they are unable to escape the first few innings these days without giving up a handful of runs.  It’s really hard to win when you are ALWAYS behind.  Kenta Maeda took a shutout to the 9th before giving up a two run jack to Francisco Cervelli.

Braves 2, Astros 4Prof:  Carlos Correa was the player of the game for Houston. Freddie Freeman played well, as usual, but was let down by the pitching staff. As usual. Also, hey Jake Marisnick. Me likey.

Cubs 0, Rockies 3Prof:  Oof. Kyle Hendricks did not have his A-game. But German Marquez certainly did. He pitched masterfully, with command for days, and also got his first major league hit in this Colorado victory over Chicago.

Angels 1, A’s 3Scouts: Andrew Triggs started off weak, walking in three in the first giving up a run, then proceeded to shut the Angels down the rest of the way.

Orioles 6, Nationals 7Scouts: It looks like it was Washington’s turn for a come from behind victory as the Oriole’s bullpen completely melted down.  Only 58 more days until Zach Britton maybe returns.  Jason Werth homered in the 9th to bring it to one in the 9th, then with the bases loaded, Matt Weiters singled in Bruce Harper and Dale Murphy for the walk-off.  Mark Trumbo legally murdered a baseball in the 5th inning.

Royals 1, Rays 12Prof:  Chris Archer went eight scoreless innings. Tampa was powered by Rickie Weeks Jr. (I can’t believe Rickie Weeks is old enough to have a Junior playing the game) and LoMo, who hit a two run homer.

Twins, White Sox – PPD

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/10/17

  1. Two things from last night’s Rays-Royals game. Archer seems to be turning into Yordano Ventura , what with the throwing at hitters, and the Rays hitters now lead all of MLB in both strikeouts and walks.
    Also, happy statehood anniversary to Minnesortof..


      1. I dunnow. Perez had 2 hits off Archer, and the 2 chirped at one another at the end of the inning, then on Perez’s next AB, plunkeroo. Looked very Ventura-ish to me.


  2. The hockey season ended too early here in Washington last night, but lucky for me it literally ended just before Werth’s ninth inning at-bat began, so I at least go to enjoy the rally and the win.

    They’re supposed to play again tonight, but the metroplex has been visited by a deluge that’s forecast to last till Saturday, so I’m dubious at to whether or not they’ll get it in.


  3. Prof: I always appreciate your analyses, but I don’t want your pity. The Feesh roster looks like a patient list from a remake of M.A.S.H., especially around the infield: Prado, Hechavarria, Rojas and now J T Riddle who was called up from Nawlins to play shortstop just in time to bust his finger.

    But let’s not go blaming the injuries. The only error yesterday was by Dietrich, not one of the plug-ins, and it didn’t figure in the scoring. The Feesh hit about as well as they usually do on a good day for them. Last night’s loss, like most of the past week’s lossess, was a matter of lousy pitching – beachballs down the middle of the plate, breaking balls that hung like grandma’s laundry. About the only thing that went right was that the pitchers only gave up three walks.

    Anyway, I’ve got a bag of pistachios here, so leave me alone.

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