He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/8/17

Scouts: Man, this Matt Harvey thing is just getting weird.  Harvey who you may know is currently serving a three game suspension from the Mets.  Harvey found out about the suspension when he showed up to work on day 2 of the suspension.  We do not know why Harvey is getting suspended other than it was a team related incident and apparently stems back to last year.  We also know that Harvey’s dedication to baseball has been questioned.  We know that Harvey decided to go play golf on a day before a start and didn’t show for work that day due to a headache that prevented him from watching a baseball game, but not golfing.  Then there is the odd statement from Terry Collins who when asked if Harvey’s teammates respected him stated “I can’t answer that.  I don’t know.”  Harvey is eligible to pitch tomorrow’s game, but instead will be pushed to Friday.  This will according to officials allow Harvey to avoid the hostile environment of Citi Field.  Between the Mets officials bizarre and often vague, open ended comments, and the New York media’s love for this sort of gossip, I don’t see this going away anytime soon.  Is it possible that Harvey is on the way out of town in a trade?  Would anyone even want the once talented pitcher?  Harvey currently has a 5.14 era to go with a 5.74 FIP, 1.286 WHIP on the season and is arbitration eligible this off-season.

Royals 7, Rays 3Prof: Whoa, Kansas City won a game! And it wasn’t even on the arm of one of their name guys; it was a fellow named Nate Karns who fanned ten in the win. Eric Hosmer had three hits and stole two bases.

Angels 2, Athletics 3 F/11Scouts: Jed Lowrie with the walk-off bomb!  This was Lowrie’s second ding-dong-daddy of the day!

Pirates 1, Dodgers 12Scouts: Good Googly Moogly!  The pirates fell behind 6-0 in the first due to a Chris Taylor grand salami and Yasiel Puig solo shot.  It only got worse from there as the Dodgers piled on 6 more over the next 6 innings.


Cardinals 9, Marlins 4Prof:  There is one thing that you can’t take away from the Cardinals pitching staff, and that is they show up at the plate more often than some of their cohorts. Carlos Martinez drove in four runs, even though he was hitless thus far in the season. You know which other pitcher has 4 RBI? The one and only Adam Wainwright. Looks like the Redbirds are finding their wings.


Nationals 4, Orioles 6Prof:  Trey Mancini, Joey Rickard, and Mark Trumbo mashed, mashed, mashed. Kevin Gausman had a very strong outing. Bryce Harper also hit a homer, but to no avail as the Birds get the win at home.


Rangers 1, Padres 5Scouts: The Rangers, who were supposed to be pretty good this year have fallen to 13-20 third worst in the AL.  Marvin Gaye would really like to know what the hell is going on?

Giants 3, Mets 4Prof:  If I told you at the beginning of the year that this would be a Battle of Who Sucks More you wouldn’t believe me. But here we are. Michael Conforto and Neil Walker saved the day. Jacob deGrom started, but Familia got the win.


Indians 2, Blue Jays 4Scouts: Toronto jumped to an early 4 run lead, and managed to hold on, despite a minor scare giving up 2 in the 8th.  John Gibbons was tossed in the 8th after Devon Travis was called for obstruction during a rundown. “I’ve never seen an umpire call that without some kind of contact being made,” Gibbons said. “He even told me, ‘He didn’t bump him, he just hindered his progress.’ OK, that may be the rule, but I’ve been around awhile and I’ve never seen it without a little bit of contact. That was my argument.” So Gibbons admits a rule, but is upset it’s a rule that’s never been fully enforced properly?  I can see where he may be upset as officials should really fully and properly enforce all the rules all the time, but a rule is a rule and you can’t argue the rule, only the lack of enforcement of it.


Yankees 10, Reds 4Prof:  Masahiro Tanaka won his fifth consecutive start and the Yankees were able to battle back from that crazy long game against the Cubs to connect with power against Cincinnati.


Cubs, Rockies – PPD

15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/8/17

  1. I didn’t watch last night’s “Battle of the BWI Parkway” or whatever, as I chose instead to play Charlie Brown to the Capitals’ Lucy, which means I’ll miss tomorrow’s O’s/Nats clash, as well. What I gleaned from the game writeups though, was this:

    Gio Gonzalez stopped, at least for one night, auditioning for a role as a pitcher in this year’s All-Star Game in favor of auditioning for a role pitching during the Home Run Derby.
    The Nats rallied, but were done in by some poor baserunning in the top of the 9th, including a TOOTBLAN double-play.

    Serious tragicomedy for the Nats in the 9th. Matt Wieters doubled with one out and two men on, but Adam Lind, according to game reports, got a poor read on the hit, and so only advanced from first to third when most would’ve scored.

    No big deal, though, as that left the Nats down two, with one out and the tying run on 2nd base. Dusty put Trea Turner in to pinch run for Wieters, having given the young man the night off to clear his head after a poor weekend in Philly.

    O’s play the infield back, ball is hit to “deep first”, and Turner takes off for third, which would’ve been cool had Lind also broken for the plate on contact, but that was not to be, and so after the putout at first, we got one of those rundowns where two runners are involved, and eventually one is tagged out while both are within a few feet of the same base, and that was the ballgame.

    The post-game quotes were gold, though:

    “I don’t know what happened, man,” Lind said. “If I’d knew what happened it probably wouldn’t have happened.”
    “[Third base coach Bobby Henley] told me before the play I was supposed to keep my eyes on Adam [Lind],” Turner said. “. . . I got a little ahead of myself and caused the situation.”
    “My read and the base runners’ read were two different things,” said Baker, unwilling to publicly blame either man. “So it was just miscommunication.”

    I don’t know if Dusty was Salty or Frosty there…


  2. An off day means no blown saves!

    The Mets are such morons. Having a press conference to say there’s an issue but you want to keep it confidential is like (and as mature as) my niece sticking out her belly and saying “Don’t tickle me!” Nothing to see here — just a labor dispute the management wants to have a public hissy about. Maybe they’ve never had a big star who liked the nightlife before?


    1. I’m wondering if, in an attempt to get back to being somewhat useful, K-Fraud decided to stay in Oakland to get some of his old Angels karma but through a disturbance in the time/space continuum he actually ended up on the mound in disguise in the 11th and gave up another walk-off?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. The best part is him showing up the next day. I think it was in Managment 101 that I learned something about informing the employee about actions BEFORE the press. Of course that was years ago so must be out of date. Even if his boss didn’t tell him, isn’t it interesting that not a single teammate called or texted? A very close group apparently.


  3. According to a report in the NY Post (for what it’s worth) he was out drinking in a club until 4 a.m. and then went out to play golf and fell asleep at home and missed the team reporting time and did not call as he was required to. There have been other incidents in the past that the Mets glossed over and now they want to be tough. This will be an ugly divorce.


    1. Roger Clemens used to leave town between starts. The things management worries about. This is going to improve his pitching performance, how?


  4. Karns was part of a 6 player trade between Tampa and Seattle. The Rays got Morrison, Miller, and Farquaharharhar. Seatttle got Karns, Reifenhauser(?) and Boog Powell. Powell is the only one still with Seattle. All 3 of the players Tampa got are still on the 25-man roster. Karns has turned out to be a pretty solid #3 starter for the BBQ Boys.


    1. Not the Boog Powell of my childhood nightmares I trust. Is Farquaharharhar a real name or did you make that up?


      1. No, this one is from California, and just hit the bigs this year. It’s actually Danny Farquhar, but I like to play around with names. And other words.


  5. I appreciate Prof and Scout dwelling on the Cards, since there’s not much worth dwelling on about the Feesh lately anyway.

    Except maybe how awful they are. It’s not just that the pitching is horrible. We expected it to be mediocre but it has exceeded expectations. It’s that the entire team is playing like it doesn’t give a crap. The fielding is terrible – five errors in the last three games, for example. They’re scoring in acute spasms, like a dog that survived puppy distemper sleeping. And now the toxic ethos of Macondo Banana Massacre Field is affecting the bone marrow and hamstrings of the players.

    The Feesh are now 13-18, already 7.5 games out of the running and only one game ahead of the cellar-dwelling Barves, but may not still be by the time the Cardinals leave town on Thursday night.


    1. They seem to be a interesting team in that they show flashes of brilliance, and then the bottom falls out out of no where. They have an outside shot of being pretty decent, but can’t seem to get it going.


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