Jamie Romak signs with SK Wyverns

The SK Wyverns of the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) have announced today that they have signed San Diego Padres minor league player Jamie Romak on a one-year deal worth 450,000 USD, according to Naver sports. Romak will serve as a replacement for SK Wyverns infielder (now former) Danny Worth, who was released by the club just yesterday.

Jamie Romak played for the El Paso Chihuahuas this season, Triple-A team for the San Diego Padres. He batted .347/.392/.800 in 25 games this year at the minor leagues. Other than his Major and minor league experiences, he also spent some time with the Yokohama DeNA Baystars during his tenure in Japan last year.

One thought on “Jamie Romak signs with SK Wyverns

  1. Ren – nothing doing in the NPB? All the news is Korea, Korea, Korea. Why do I suspect you’re sending coded messages to the Little Fat Man?

    PS – what’s a “Wyvern”? Is that anything like a wastrel? We have several species here, prized by birdwatchers: northern wastrel, southern wastrel, greater wastrel, Minnesota wastrel….

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