HBPiD Alert!!!!

It was an ump, but I’ll take it!

The 4th was with us. Yesterday, in the Twins-A’s game, home plate umpire Mike Muchlinski took a Santiago Casilla fastball to the jewels.  See it live!

That little willie-killer was 94 mph and a direct hit.

Umpiring is hard, man, and it has to be VERY uncomfortable to finish a game with swollen achy balls. Muchlinski took a little water and went right back to work though. The balls on that guy, eh?

Also, I know players might be upset with umps after the lousy ejections the last few days, but, c’mon, a beanball war against the umps? That’s below the belt.

Casilla got the save, in case you were wondering, but we all win…except the swimmers.

12 thoughts on “HBPiD Alert!!!!

  1. The catcher was crossed up. Motions for the ball to be low, he’s moving his glove down and away for the curve ball. Which didn’t come, just the fastball, tailing the opposite directions.

    It looks horrible in a slow motion loop, but how many of you have caught a mid-nineties heater with movement?


  2. The game was one of the few games during the year that wasn’t on the local cable. Dirty damn Gods.


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