Winter in Detroit…in July

And, it’s so specific. July 28th no less.

I guess you can figure out that this is a tie-in with the TV show Game of Thrones. Winter is apparently a theme in that, and though that would normally be the off-season for baseball, we’re mucking up the calendar to make this work.

The Tigers House Tigers of Detroit tweeted the announcement this week:

To make it more confusing, that night we are playing the Astros — or House of Houston Astros or Asteros or something — which seems also medieval, right? I mean, space travel fits like dragons flying, maybe.

The giveaway that night is a JD Martinez bobblehead, and, of course, he will be bobbling on an iron throne. What every kid dreams of for a giveaway! Let’s just hope it’s not a metaphor for JD’s season.

Rest assured, fans, we are not the only ones GoT-ing it. All the MLB teams are hosting their own nights, much like they do with Star Wars (which, why are they not all on May 4th???).

We are playing the Royals for their GoT event. Hopefully, we can humiliate the House BBQ of Royals in KC with a gratuitously-violent sexy barrage of home run blasts led by the Crown, MVP Miggy.

It’s coming!

2 thoughts on “Winter in Detroit…in July

  1. Good thing this is before the trade deadline so there’s still time to trade JD after the event since the blowpen will have the Tigers way out of contention by the end of July.


  2. Re: the Star Wars date, not EVERY team can do it the same day since half or more stadiums (stadia? Where is Old Gator when I need him!) will be dark, or worse, hosting Monster Trucks. I’m sure you knew that and where being funny, but I had no other handy excuse to use “stadia”. Sorry!


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