He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/3/17

Prof is a little under the weather today, so that means you get more of me!  Are you all excited? I bet you are excited!

The Defenders dropped their first full official trailer yesterday, and I’m very conflicted on how to feel.  I’m both excited and nervous over the culmination of 4 excellent Netflix series.  Well, okay, 2.5 excellent Netflix series.  There’s a lot to unpack in the trailer and it looks like quite a bit will happen in the series.  I’m not sure if I’m hoping for more or less episodes than they’ve been pumping out so far, as I’m very worried the series will either move way too fast, or too slow.  Or worse, too fast at the wrong times and too slow at the worst times.  If that makes any sense at all.  Of course there’s another hallway battle, this one just looking too awkward.  I suppose trying to watch 4 people battle in a tight space is a really difficult thing to pull off when you really think about it.  Krysten Ritter again appears to steal the show and prove that she was absolutely perfect casting for the role.  Finn Jones again looks completely out of place.  The Nirvana score, which was used in previous trailers really hit home in this one, following a trend I really love of quality music getting picked specifically for trailers.  Nice to see Hollywood has really been stepping up their trailer game the past few years.


Really, you should be more excited.  You get so much of ME today!


D-Backs 1, Nationals 2Scouts: Whoa there Washington, push the breaks on the offense there ok?  I’m just kidding.  After scoring approximately 14,358 runs the past week and a half I think they have earned a good old fashioned 1-2 victory.  Robbie Zimmerman lead the charge going 2-3 with a RBI double.  Good for you sir!

Blue Jays 6, Yankees 8Scouts: Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-a my stride.  Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no.  I got to keep on movin’.  Toronto tried really valiantly against the Yankees, but it just wasn’t enough to break New York’s stride.

Orioles 2, Redsox 4Scouts:  Look everyone!  We have a ump show!  Sam Holbrook apparently thought not enough people were paying attention to him.  After a 77mph curve-ball got away from Kevin Gausman, he got tossed.  Then after taking 15 minutes to call a strike against Adam Jones, he got tossed.  Sam, you should be embarrassed.  Both ejections were career firsts for each player, and that’s really saying something.  Now the O’s lost their starting pitcher for both last night’s game, and today’s game since they were forced to bring in Ubaldo.  Really costly decision by the umpire.  I get that I’m biased or whatever, but after watching your player get intentionally thrown at three times and basically nothing happens, only to have a clearly obvious mistaken pitch get away from a guy in the second inning get the immediate toss.  Well, I don’t blame O’s fans for feeling like they’ve been unfairly treated the past few weeks.


Indians 3, Tigers 2Scouts: Wow, this is going to end up quite the matchup all season between two very fine teams.  The land of cleve landed on top this time due to a two-run triple and a sac fly in the 4th.


Pirates 2, Reds 7Scouts: MLB’s website is a constant source of aggravation and a general pain in my ass.  For some dumbass reason they always print the scores as winning team first, followed by losing team.  THAT’S NOT HOW THIS IS DONE!  Post Visiting team first, followed by Home team.  Jackasses.  Now I feel better.

Mets 16, Braves 5Scouts: Word is Thor will be out for 3-4 months after Thor refused to have his shoulder looked at the first time, then decided to go out and make things 100 times worse.  Well, at least you got to smack around the lowly Braves for a night.  Jose Reyes did some things, but fuck him, he’s dead to me.  Also, I’d like to remind everyone that since his signing, the Mets have had one kind of luck.  Shitty.  Cause/Effect?  Maybe?  Karma?  Definitely.

Marlins 10, Rays 6Scouts: Marcell Ozuna clobbered a ball 468 feet which apparently woke a sleeping giant.  The Marlins followed that blast with a 5 run 6th and a 3 run 7th.  Damn son!  Statcast claims that Ozuna’s homer was the longest since they’ve tracked via Statcast.


Phillies 4, Cubs 5Scouts: There’s something extra special about a pinch hitter picking up the game winning shot.  Well done Wilson Conteras!

A’s 4, Twins 7Scouts: Kennys Vargas picked up 5 ribbies 3 of them on a long dong.  Kendall Graveman did not have himself a good day giving up 6 over just 3.1 innings.  Ouch.

Rangers 1, Astros 10Scouts: It’s clobberin’ time.  Okay, I immediately apologize and regred that terrible joke.  But still the Rangers got knocked around pretty good.  Carlos Correa picks up 4 hits, the ‘Stros picked up 4 home runs, and the Rangers are facing a 4 game sweep.  See what I did there?

White Sox 1, Royals 6 Scouts: The two least interesting teams in the world played today.  Nathan Karns struck out 4 guys in one inning, in a gigantic testament to incompetence, so that’s cool I guess.


Colorado 11, Padres 3Scouts: Boom goes the dynamite!  Ian Desmond blasted two bombs as Jered Weaver dropped a dime in the quad.


Angels 7, Mariners 8Scouts: Seattle picked up 4 in the 8th and gave up 1 in the 9th in a sea-saw battle that featured very little quality pitching.

Giants 4, Dodgers 1Scouts: Vin Scully joins the Dodgers’ Ring of Honor and the Dodgers pull a Dodgers move giving up 3 in the 11th to drop the series to a pretty terrible Giant team.

Brewers, Cardinals – PPD – It’s always sad when it rains.

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/3/17

  1. We were so close to a comeback. We had a man at third with 1 out in the bottom of the 9th. Mahtook swung at a crap pitch that would’ve been the 4th ball for a walk (loading the bases). Then, Adduci made the rookie mistake of getting overwhelmed wanting to win and struck out. That was a totally winnable game. Our novices let the pressure get to them. Allen was not strong. We coulda had it.


  2. Okay. Monkey at least appears to be off Astros’ backs. Correa shows strong signs of ending slump. One more serviceable start out of Morton. Count your blessings.

    No, I am by nature a nitpicker. They still need a #3 or better pitcher for October.


  3. Marcel Ozuna has now hit safely in all 20 of his games against Tampa. That ball he hit last night should press charges for assault.


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