The Midnight Snack – Monday

Hi, all. It is after midnight and I came home late from this evening’s activities, so the Snack is brief. Some sweet, and some sour. The sour first:

It’s a damn shame that in this day and age, an African-American is taunted with ugly slurs and actual violence just because of the color of his skin. It happened to Adam Jones in Boston. Bob Nightengale wrote an article about it that I wanted to call to our FI Fam’s attention. It’s important.

And now, the sweet. We all know about Noah Syndergaard’s ongoing war with Mr. Met. And we also know that young Thor has developed an injury that will keep him sidelined indefinitely. In times of trouble, even enemies can be friends:

2 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

  1. There’s an old song: The Freaks Come Out At Night. I believe our President has formed a coalition of sorts that gives such freaks the idea they can go public. I content myself by remembering that Tramp (not a misspelling) is not a consensus builder but rather the opposite. Thus he will – he cannot NOT – begin to piss off all his freak supporters one by one until he is rendered impotent.


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