He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/1/17

Prof: It’s just me today, and it’s mainly just scores. Not a lot of recap in your recaps this morning. Sorry, y’all. First of the month and while I can’t speak for Scout, I am busy enough this week for about five people. I need some music to get my blood pumping because I am going to be worn out by the end of the day. Let’s get crackin’.



Giants 4, Dodgers 3 – Here is a sentence that leaves ashes in my mouth:  Buster Posey  and Hunter Pence hit home runs off Clayton Kershaw last night.  Yuck.

White Sox 1, Royals 6 – Eric Hosmer came to play, contributing a home run in the win. Which I’m sure KC appreciated, since they’ve had a nine game losing streak, and Hosmer’s batting average so far this season is an anemic .226.

Brewers 7, Cardinals 5 F/10 – Jedd Gyorko tried his darnedest, hitting two homers, but he still couldn’t get the Redbirds on top of the Brew Crew even with extra innings.

Orioles 5, Red Sox 2 – As I mentioned in last night’s Snack, it’s a pretty gross thing when Adam Jones gets called racist crap just for doing his job.


Blue Jays 7, Yankees 1 – Here’s a fun stat:  Ryan Goins hit a two-RBI sac fly. This is the first time this has happened for Toronto in the history of the club. Joey Bats smacked a two run homer. They needed strong play from Bautista and company since they are missing the services of perennial All-Stars Troy Tulowitzki and Josh Donaldson.

Indians 1, Tigers 7 – Welp, the Magical Land of Cleve lost that lovin’ feeling. Trevor Bauer must’ve been playing with a drone again.

Pirates 3, Reds 4 F/10 – What is going on with the Reds? I thought they were supposed to be hot flaming garbage this season? Ah, but friends, the year is still young, and as we’re all fond of saying, it’s a long season.


Rays 4, Marlins 2 – Battle of the Florida Sea Creatures. Jake Odorizzi had a nice, strong return off the disabled list for Tampa.

Mets 7, Braves 5 – The Mets might be hobbled, but they still have Michael Conforto. Oh, man, I wish my team had Conforto. I have been on this guy for a while. He is a joy to watch, even if he is a Met. Conforto hit another home run – his seventh of the season thus far. Remember when Terry Collins wasn’t even putting him into the lineup every day? LOL Whatever.

Phillies 10, Cubs 2 – The Cubs must have taken the night off to watch Grandpa Rossy do his thing on Dancing With The Stars; that’s the only excuse I have for this nonsense. Also, Joe Maddon lost his damn mind because he put the Schwarbs in at catcher from LF and took Anthony Rizzo off first for some fool reason. I mean…. whaaaaaaaaaaat?

Rangers 2, Astros 6 – We had ourselves a brawl between these two teams that clearly hate one another. Seems like there’s always something nasty going on between them.


9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/1/17

    1. I still don’t know how to read y’all this year. Are you gonna contend for the playoffs? Are you the Bad News Bears? I mean, I don’t know. 😕

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      1. The Tigers are one of the four AL Central titans to bestride the summit of baseball’s marque division so far this year. Their battles with their fellow titans will be many as will be the outcomes.

        Put another way, they’re an adorable team in an adorable division.

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    2. What was so funny is that in 1700+ games, he’s not had a bunt single before. Not even by accident. The odds were beyond great for shifting. And it was a lovely, beautiful, perfect bunt. And he savored it…as did I, my friend.

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  1. The Astros are dealing with a bit of an identity problem here. For 2015-2016 the Rangers owned them like…like…. well several disturbing images come to mind. Let’s just leave it at the Rangers owned them for two years. Now the Astros, while boosted with some veteran presence, are still a bit young and excitable. Add on top of that Cashner (whose control was less than best) hitting two players and you get to last night.

    I don’t see the teams exchanging Christmas cards anytime soon, but I still think the rivalry is a bit overplayed for this year. Right now the Astros are just trying to show they won’t be embarrassed for three straight years by the guys up I-45.

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  2. And in the Citrus Canker series, the Rays are no 11-14 (Yippee), and the other marine denizens are 11-13. Manifest Mediocracy!


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