#LOL Mutts; Feesh Snap Four Game Practice Losing Streak Behind Wild Bour

The Gnats pulverized the Mutts to the tune of 23-5 yesterday, led by Anthony Rendon’s six-hit, three homer, ten RBI performance. #LOLMutts has been ofeeshily resurrected thereby. The only other game I know of that was so horribly lopsided was the headmasters versus the students at Snootsbury Prep in Puckeredshire some years back:

Rendon’s sick afternoon obscured Justin “Wonder Wart Hog” Bour’s four hit, one homer, six ribby day against the Bucs whereby the Feesh, who have been playing truly pathetic beisbol of late, snapped their four game practice losing streak (insofar as they were testing the waters in advance of their traditional dog day six to nine game skids slated for August and September), and clawed their way back to within one game of the strange attractor. Tonight, the Razed come in for the first game of the annual “citrus series.”

Got terrior?

Image result for strange attractors

7 thoughts on “#LOL Mutts; Feesh Snap Four Game Practice Losing Streak Behind Wild Bour

  1. Since the Feesh are 11-12, and the Razed are 12-14, can we call this the Monday Mediocrity Matchup? Or perhaps the Strange Attractor So-So Series?


  2. Oh, just for the rest of the season. Weltschmertzen are in short supply; you don’t want to waste the ones you already have. Anyway, don’t blame me. As I noted in the article, the undeadifying of “Mutts” was all Rendon’s fault.


  3. So your lightly steamed Miami lobster tails are currently held at a state of 11 – 12 by the dirty damn strange attractor, awaiting to be served with a slightly seasoned separated butter mix, while I look forward to carefully, ritually prepared, White Castle microwaved sliders for my bedtime repast.

    Damn you.

    Bless you.


    1. It’s still stone crab season here in Macondo. Lobster can wait. You pallid northern types wouldn’t understand.


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