He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/30/17

Prof:  This weekend, we had some crazy games. Extra innings all day! We had wild comebacks, incredible ass kickings, and we even had one of my favorite things, a position player pitching. So let’s get into the madness that was Sunday’s schedule.

Scouts: Sorry for the abbreviated post today, I have a training class I have to prep for.  Tomorrow’s might be more of the same, but I hope to be back on track by Wednesday.


Orioles 7, Yankees 4 F/11 – Prof: The Yankees had this one in hand, and then they didn’t. My bae Mark Trumbo contributed to the rally. New York had a pitcher play first base for a little bit, which of course gives me life.


Rays 1, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Tampa’s bullpen blew it, giving up 3 runs in the 8th.

Mariners 4, Indians 12Prof:  The Magical Land of Cleve got hot early, blasting eight runs in the third inning to destroy Seattle’s hopes and dreams early.

White Sox 3, Tigers 7Scouts: Detroit stomped out Chicago’s 6 game winning streak.

Twins 7, Royals 5Prof: Miguel Sano smacks a 3 run homer to put Happy’s boys on top. Man, Kansas City has really sunk low.

Mets 5, Nationals 23Prof: Great googly moogly. This is a football score. This is a cheat code in Xbox. This is a mercy rule game with no mercy. But it was doomed from even before the first pitch, as the ailing, snakebitten Mets rotation offered up Noah Syndergaard, who refused an MRI after he missed his last start. The Mighty Thor had difficulty again, leaving in the second inning. If the Mets were a horse, they would have been shot for coming up lame. Anthony Rendon embarrassed everyone alive by going 6-6, with three home runs and 10 RBI. New York was so depleted by the end that a backup catcher had to pitch an inning. Bless Kevin Plawecki for being the guy willing to fight the dragon.


A’s 2, Astros 7Scouts: Dallas Keuchel went 7 2/3 with 9 strikeouts.

Pirates 3, Marlins 10Prof: On any other day, this would have been the ass kicking of the day. Sorry, Feesh. But still, this was nothing to sneer at. Justin Bour had six RBI in the rout.

Cubs 2, Red Sox 6Scouts: A wild pitch and an error helped the Red Sox pickup 4 in the 8th.

Braves 3, Brewers 4Scouts: Domingo Santana hit a pair of jacks and picked up 4 RBI doing all the work for Milwaukee.

Rockies 0, Diamondbacks 2 F/13Scouts: Daniel Descalso walked it off with a 2-run bomb in the 13th.


Phillies 2, Dodgers 5Scouts: Chris Taylor and Andrew Toles homered picking up all of LA’s points in this one.

Padres 5, Giants 2 F/12Prof: Wil Myers saved his best for last, taking the Pads over San Francisco in extras. A three run homer did the trick.

Reds 5, Cardinals 4Scouts: Down 4-0 after 5, Cincy came roaring back to stick on to the Cards.

Angels 5, Rangers 2Prof: In a shocking turn of events,  I can’t say that Joey Gallo hit a homer last night. But Kole Calhoun did. Baseball is crazy.

14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/30/17

  1. The Nats’ win yesterday brought to an end a mostly miserable 72 hours of sports here in the DC Metroplex, as the Caps are once again shitting the bed against the Penguins in the playoffs, the Wizards blew an early 16 point lead and lost by 10 to the Celtics in game 1 of their second round series, and Adam Eaton’s leg exploded Friday night when he hit first base wrong after legging out an infield hit in the 9th, in the first of two games that the Nats would drop to the Mets.

    Eaton’s injury happened during the ninth on Friday, as the Nats were trying to mount a rally and pull out a win against the Mets. He was safe, and it resulted in a bases loaded situation, no outs, and Trea Turner coming to the plate against Familia. Familia struck out Turner, and then Terry Collins brought in lefty Josh Edgin to face Bryce Harper, which both goes against all baseball orthodoxy (removing closer, even if he’s struggling) and with all baseball orthodoxy (lefty/lefty matchup); it worked for the Mets, as Edgin got Harper to ground into a 1-2-3 double play to end the game.

    Saturday brought more concern for the Nats. Strasburg pitched well enough to win, but six of the seven Nats hits (three each) came from Ryan Zimmerman and Michael A. Taylor, the latter in his best and final chance to prove he’s a real major leaguer, and not just a speedier version of Pedro Cerrano. Other than that, it looked like the Nats were starting to miss Colorado, or maybe the wear and tear of no off days in two weeks was getting to them, but a chance to bury the Mets early was passing them by.

    With Joe Ross on tap to face Thor on Sunday, it looked like a sweep was possible for a Mets team desperately in need of it, and the Mets jumped out to a 1-0 lead early. However, the Nats got five in the first, and then Syndergaard left the game in obvious pain in the second inning, grabbing at his lat, so he’s got that to go along with his biceps issue. There was still some drama in this game, as Ross only lasted four innings, leaving with a 6-5 lead, but the Nats scored 17 unanswered from there.

    I’m of a mind that Eaton’s injury is serious, but he’s not completely irreplaceable. Perhaps from a chemistry standpoint, his loss will be felt (and some in the local media were writing about him like he’d died), but maybe because he’s only been here a month, I feel like if they have to lose a regular position player, Eaton or Werth would be the ones whose loss would be felt least on the field. Turner can hit leadoff, and Taylor can bat eighth, play good defense (maybe better than Eaton) in center and hit occasionally, so he’s basically Danny Espinosa, and the Nats will be fine.

    Assuming they get their bullpen figured out…

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    1. It was funny, I saw an article staring Eaton’s loss would be insurmountable, then the immediate next article was how Rendon murdered the Mets by himself so /kanye shrug


    1. Not my team. I didn’t grow up here, and I jumped on the bandwagon of the Dolphins as a very young child during the 17-0 season back in 1972 and rode it until a few years ago, when I pretty much gave up on the NFL entirely.


  2. Cubs-BoSox broadcast. I didn’t know any of the ESPN broadcast crew except for poor Buster Olney, who was consigned to hot dog vendor status, but man, they could talk drivel with the best of ’em. Which story line did they beat to death the most times? John Jay, baseball’s reigning genius? Kris Bryant’s parents mostly sitting on their asses watching a baseball game? The whole Manny Machado pitch behind the head/upcoming Baltimore/BoSox grudge matchapalooza? These people need to be euthanized before they broadcast again.

    Do you suppose ESPN will ever figure out why they’re losing viewers?

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  3. Scouts.. if Toronto’s bullpen blew it and gave up 3 runs in the 8th, how did the Jays win 3-1?

    As Old Gator would so eloquently put it, it was the Raze boolpen that asploded.


  4. I was totally considering a post where we could try to draft lineup cards worse than Beautiful Brad’s, but yesterday he decided not to use a .194 hitter in the #2 slot, so he gets a mockery reprieve…

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  5. Just in case anybody doesn’t remember, today is the 26th anniversary of Rickie Henderson breaking Lou Brock’s career stolen base record, AND Nolan Freaking Ryan throwing his 7th no-hitter.

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