He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/25/17

Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush reportedly purchased the Marlins, although we found out late last night that they still have to cross the T’s and dot the I’s and the deal isn’t maybe quite as done as we were lead to believe.

Completion of any sale by Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria could take months and would require approval by at least 75 percent of the major league teams. More than half of the winning bid could involve cash because of MLB’s debt service rule, meaning the Bush-Jeter group would need to raise a lot of money.

I’m not entirely sure how thrilled I’d be to introduce Jeb into the owners ranks, but at this point anything that can get rid of Jeffrey Loria is a good thing.  The reported sales price is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 Billion – That’s Billion with a B – dollars.  With that sort of price tag, you’d have to wonder if there would be any money left to actually, you know, run a team.


Rays 2, Orioles 0Prof:  I had a chance to go to this game, but it was raining and cold when I left work, and when I went home to change my clothes and grab something to eat I fell asleep in my chair. Oops. But apparently I didn’t miss much.



Blue Jays 6, Cardinals 5 F/11Scouts: Toronto had to turn to starting pitcher Marcus Stroman to pick up a pinch-hit, one out double in the top of the 11th.  The win was aided by 4 Cardinal errors, the final of which allowed Stroman to score the winning run.  I guess a win is a win right Toronto?


Nationals 15, Rockies 12Scouts: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  Trey Turner hit for the cycle and totaled 7 RBI’s.  Dale Murphy went 3-5 with 5 RBIs.  German Marquez gave up 8 runs on 9 hits in 4 innings for the Rockies, while Joe Blanton gave up 4 hits, 4 runs without recording an out.  This game was Bananas!  This game is so insane there isn’t even a proper wrap up on MLB’s website.


Dodgers 2, Angels 1Scouts: It was the Clayton Kershaw show dealing 7 K’s over 7 innings and giving up just a single run.  I really wish he didn’t play most of his games on the west coast, I’d really love to watch him pitch more, but I’m usually in bed by the time he walks to the mound.


Astros 4, Indians 2Prof:  Scary incident involving the little second baseman that could, Jose Altuve and a fellow named Teoscar Hernandez. They collided in the eighth inning, and both players had to leave the game. Altuve has a slight shoulder injury but who knows how serious it is. It might be nothing. He’ll be a game time decision on Wednesday. Dallas Keuchel is back to form, getting another win. And finally, Josh Reddick stunned the Land of Cleve by straight up robbing Jason Kipnis from a home run with a tremendous leap. It was beautiful. I hope Scout can find the video on this one.


Cubs 1, Pirates 0Prof:  The Cubs didn’t need the fire power they had on Monday. They just needed a Pirates error on a Jason Heyward ground ball to bring in Addison Russell for the win. Kyle Hendricks improved his ERA by pitching an excellent game. For the Buccos, Garrit Cole also had a great game. His one and only really lousy pitch turned out to be the one that brought Russell home.

Padres 3, Diamondbacks 9Scouts: The habitually over-looked Paul Goldschmidt went 4-4 with 3 RBI and a very nice dong.


Athletics 1, Angels 2Scouts: This clash of two middle-of-the-road teams didn’t really get interesting until the 10th when LA down 1 scored the tying run, only to win it in the 11th.

Reds 1, Brewers 9Prof:  Do the Brewers play any teams other than Cincinnati? Do they have to? Eric Thames is hoping they don’t. He crushed his eleventh home run of the season against the Reds. Ryan Braun didn’t enjoy his time with the Reds nearly as much. He had to leave the game with a bruised left foot after getting three balls fouled off of it in one at-bat. Ouch.

Twins 8, Rangers 1Prof:  Hey hey, Happy! Did you eat your big bowl of ice cream last night? Because your Twins went crazy on Texas! Minnesota had a seven run fifth inning, demolishing the Rangers’ chances. The one bright spot for Texas was that young phenom Joey Gallo hit yet another home run. Is there any doubt that once Adrian Beltre comes back from the disabled list, they are going to try to find a place to keep Gallo in the lineup? If not, they are dumb as hell.


Mariners 9, Tigers 19Prof: King Felix was the victim of regicide today, lasting only two innings. HOLY CATS. And I do mean cats. Dem Tigers roared all over, with a butt whooping of epic proportions. Nine runs in the fifth inning alone, not to mention home runs from James McCann, Justin Upton, Alex Avila, and Mikie Mahtook.

Royals 5, White Sox 10Scouts: Man, Kansas City sure went from hero to zero quick didn’t they?  They have the second worst record in the league and have the worst offense

Yankees vs Red Sox,  Braves vs Mets, and Marlins vs Phillies – all PPD


16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/25/17

  1. A cute little factoid from the Dodgers/Giants game. The Giants pitcher, Ty Blach, has 3 career hits in his MLB stint. All 3 have come off Kershaw.


    1. Also? Trea* Turner.

      This one started late due to rain, and was played in temps that started in the low 40s and headed down to the mid-30s by the time it was done, so perfect hitting weather, right?

      It looked like a laugher for the Nats, up 7-0 after 1 1/2, but Joe Ross wasn’t quite himself (blame it on the cold) so the Rockies clawed back to 8-5 in the 5th, chasing Ross after 4 2/3. Two in the 6th, five in the 7th, and the Nats are up 15-5, we’re down to just a couple hundred in the stands, Arenado gets pulled, Rockies are surrendering, right?

      Not so fast, my friend…

      Koda Glover had the 7th, got through it on nine pitches, but gave up two hits and two runs while doing so, as the Nats’ pitchers were in “throw strikes” mode, and the Rockies hitters were in “swing hard” mode.

      Blanton’s regrettable 8th came next, as the Rox really took to that “attack everything” idea, and now it’s 15-11 and still no outs in the 8th, and I, previously dozing through the end of this one, am now fully awake and a bit nauseated. Thankfully, Matt Albers cleaned up that mess with no further damage.

      Nats didn’t do anything in the 9th, so on came Shawn Kelley, and he yields a home run to the first guy he faces, and now I’m wishing I didn’t give up cigarettes back in 1998, but Kelley got the next three in order, and mercifully the game came to an end. F.P. Santangelo opined that saves ought to be awarded for protecting four or five run leads in Denver, and I’m not sure I disagree with him.

      The Nats ran five relievers out there last night, including Enny Romero, and in 4 1/3 innings of work, they were pounding the strike zone (45 strikes on 61 pitches, and no walks), but they weren’t missing many bats (7 ER, 8 H, 1K). I want to write it off to it being Colorado and the game situation they faced, but I might be fooling myself if I do.


  2. And another little oddity from last night. Trea Turner and Wil Myers were both involved in the same trade. Trea Turner and Wil Myers are the only 2 players to hit for the cycle this year ( so far).
    Ain’t baseball grand?


  3. Well I sort of had a bowl of ice cream. Lately I’ve taken to eating it straight out of the carton, often with my fingers. That way no one else wants any. I also went to bed around the 8th inning figuring no way do the dirty damn Gods smite the Twins hard enough to make them lose this one if I’m not watching.

    In his 4 starts so far this year, all of which the Twins have won and one of which was a complete game shutout, Santana has an era of .64.


  4. Raise your hand if you knew the Tigers’ 2nd and 3rd string would blast us to the top of the AL Central.

    Now put them down, you liars. The game got so ridiculous, I couldn’t even gloat to my family in Seattle. Also, I’m sad about Felix’s dead arm. Long live the King! I don’t want to win off of misfortune. Anyway, the game devolved into how bad Brad was going to let the crap relievers do before he pulled them. I mean, even if someone had hit a grand slam, we’d have had a padding. He pulled Greenie sooner than I thought, but then he was patient with Ryan. They may have called up Hoe-Him too early but I’m behind any decision that leaves Rondon in Toledo (Spain). And then he didn’t use Shakey Frankie at all and it would’ve been opportune for that. Z-mann was not his best, but he didn’t have to be and it was a boring old offensive slugfest. I mean, I’ll take it, but save some of those runs for another game, boys. They gotta learn to spread them out for more wins.

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  5. You’re missing the bright side of the Marlin purchase, Scout. Anything that keeps the Bush boys out of elective politics has got to be good.


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