He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/24/17

Prof:  I mentioned a few days ago that I broke down and finally got Netflix. Mostly for the new Mystery Science Theater 3000, but also to be able to watch Daredevil and ridiculous amounts of documentaries. Right now, I’m watching a show called “Chef’s Table” and it’s fascinating. It’s the classiest culinary program I’ve ever seen. The first episode was this amazing postmodern Italian chef who made some beautiful looking food, including a deconstructed lemon tart that I would have been all over because there was way more filling than crust. This episode is about a New York farm-to-table chef. Really interesting stuff. Anyway, this is tasty, and these highlights are tasty, so let’s get started.

Scouts: Matt Barnes received a paltry and pathetic 4 game suspension for attempting to put another player in the hospital.  This is another weak-ass suspension which sends the message that this behavior is totally and completely acceptable.  Barnes has of course already appealed his suspension and will likely received a game or two knocked off his sentence.  This is simply the cost of doing business.  We’ve seen over and over and over again the damage that can be done when a player gets drilled in the head.  Just ask Giancarlo Stanton.  That anyone would attempt to do so intentionally is downright criminal.  It’s really sad that what it’s going to take to get this horribly tradition stopped is likely ending some star’s career.  Then the lawsuits will arrive and the potential criminal investigation.  Then you’ll see change real quick.  Unfortunately this is a potential scenario that is all too easy to see coming and all to easy to stop.  Yet for reasons completely unknown those in power absolutely refuse to address it.


Cubs 14, Pirates 3Prof:  The Cubs made like their old catcher David Ross and tango stomped all over the competition. Pretty much the entire Chicago roster got a hit. Addison Russell got four himself. Jason Heyward had an impressive four RBI plus a home run and Ben Zobrist brought home three.

Padres 6, Diamondbacks 7Scouts: San Diego made a valiant effort at a comeback, picking up 4 in the 7th and 1 in the 8th, but it was too much to overcome.  Chris Owings hit a grand slam for the snakes.


Blue Jays 1, Angels 2Scouts: LA won this one with their feet and a little ingenuity.  Cameron don’t call me Maybin shows off a pretty nifty slide that ended up being the winning run.


Reds 7, Brewers 11Prof:  Eric Thames hit two more home runs, bringing his season count to ten (which leads the majors). Fun stat – seven of Thames’ homers have come against Cincinnati. I bet Milwaukee would be happy to play the Reds all day every day if that’s the case. In Reds’ news, the exquisitely named Rookie Davis is about to come off the 10-day DL and start on Wednesday.


Twins 3, Rangers 2Prof:  WHAT UP BRIAN DOZIER??? A two out double lifted Minnesota over Texas. For the Rangers, the legend of Joey Gallo continues. Gallo hit a single to bring Mike Napoli home. So far for the season the young replacement player has 15 RBI.

Nationals 4, Rockies 8Scouts: Not many would have guessed at the start of the season that these two would be the top two teams in the NL at this point.  And if they had, they likely would not have picked Colorado to come out on top, but here we are.  Charlie Blackmon hit the go-ahead two-run tater-tot in the 7th which snapped the Nat’s win streak at 7.

Dodgers 1, Giants 2Scouts: Matt Cain left with a tight hamstring after the 6th.  Considering that the Giants have already lost one starting pitcher due to injury, this turned out to be a bit of a hallow victory.


Rays 3, Orioles 6Prof:  Chris Archer coughed up six hits, five runs and five walks, and hit a batter. Three of those hits were home runs, smacked off the bats of Jonathan Schoop, Hyun Soo Kim, and Adam Jones. It was a rainy evening in the Baltimore area, so I wonder if that didn’t have something to do with the Rays’ lackluster performance.

Royals 1, White Sox 12Prof:  Oh goodness, those BBQ Boys are strug-gle-ing. The White Sox, on the other hand, are getting all of their runs in against Kansas City. Save some for other teams, you guys. Melky Cabrera, Tyler Saladino, and Todd Frazier (man, I love me some Todd Frazier) all drove in two runs a piece.


17 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/24/17

  1. I blaming The Washington Post for last night’s Nats’ loss, because they fucked with The Streak, and you just don’t do that.

    See, WaPo has two beat writers assigned to the Nats – Jorge Castillo and Chelsea Janes (fun fact: WaPo has a woman assigned as a beat writer to each of the four major pro sports teams in town – http://wapo.st/2mYoTgh), and, especially during long road trips, like the current Ten Game Road Trip From Heck(tm) they’ll break up the responsibilities for covering the team. As it happened on this trip, Mr. Castillo was with the team in Atlanta and New York, and Ms. Janes is covering the games in Denver, so there’s no other conclusion to draw, really.

    Seriously, last night’s game felt like one the Nats were going to sacrifice. Word is that they didn’t get to their hotel till about 5AM local time (Thanks, ESPN Sunday Night Baseball and NL Schedule Makers!), Harper and Wieters got the night off, and Jacob Turner was filling in for Strasburg, so you figured just get through the game with no injuries and no permanent damage to the bullpen, and get ’em tomorrow. As it happened, Turner pitched pretty well – six innings, three earned, and the bats came alive enough in the 6th to hit for the cycle as a team and score four runs (let’s just give Ryan Zimmerman the NL Comeback Player of the Year award now), leaving the Nats with a 4-3 lead headed to the 7th. Unfortunately, the bullpen’s recent run of success came to an end, as Enny Romero gave up a two run homer in the 7th, and Blake Treinen suffered a death by a thousand paper cuts in the 8th, yielding five straight singles on either bloopers or seeing eye grounders, all with no outs, and the Rockies eventually got three more runs out of it.

    Can’t win them all, no one got hurt, and the bullpen is still relatively fresh, so not a terrible outcome in the larger scheme of things.


      1. There really ought to be a rule about requiring a day off if you have to travel after a night game. Traveling after a day game is different; unless it’s one of those 18 inning nightmares, you should still be in bed at a normal (for ballplayer values of normal) hour, but traveling after a night game just puts you at a disadvantage for the next game.

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  2. Okay, I’m bitching about this to anyone who will listen. Archer cruises into the sixth with a decent game. Getting close to 90 pitches he starts to labor around the zone, and then he gives up back-to-back home runs. But he gets out of the inning.

    What does Kevin Cash do? HE SENDS HIM BACK OUT IN THE SEVENTH. Guess what happens? And you thought you weren’t smart enough to coach a major league team! Somebody thinks Kevin Cash is.

    And they are wrong.

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      1. I’m sure that’s a positive “wow.”

        In pursuit of full disclosure I must reveal that Chris Archer is (gasp) on my Fantasy team. If he doesn’t show up for the seventh I have a much better evening.


        1. That’s a “wow” as in “that seems incredibly stupid and risky for no reason.” We need a gif of Gena Davis saying: “She’s through” for times like these.


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