He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/23/17

Fox Studios has announced that 2018 will be the host to three X-Men movies.  Deadpool 2 (June), X-Men: Dark Phoenix (November), and New Mutants (April).  Combined with several Marvel movies and DC pushing The Flash, Aquaman, and who knows how many Batman movies, it looks like the Super Hero genre is going as strong as ever.  The question however, is are the studios pushing too hard?  Are we worried about Super Hero Overload?  Are we at the point where enough is enough?  Or are we still thirsty for more?  Will 2018 finally be the year DC gets it’s head out of it’s ass?  Could Acquaman be the one to turn it around?

Cubs 5, Reds 7Prof:  The Rockin’ Reds are on a surprising run lately. They don’t have a team of much consequence, with the exception of the always underrated Joey Votto, yet they are defeating teams that on paper are miles above them in quality. Today, they beat the reigning World Champion Cubs. Granted, it was John Lackey starting for Chicago….but Cincinnati had Bronson Arroyo! The only bright spot for Chicago was the as-usual great performance of Anthony Rizzo.

Cardinals 6, Brewers 4Scouts: Ryan Braun came just a few feet short of tying the game in the 9th, but it was not meant to be.

Tigers 13, Twins 4Scouts: 13 runs on 13 hits. That’s the type of game that’s a whole lot of fun for one fan and misery for another.  Alex Avila and John Hicks both homered for the Tigers.  Hicks alone had 5 RBI’s.

Braves 2, Phillies 5Prof:  Oh boy. Another day, another crappy performance from the Braves. What’s sad is that Atlanta’s starter, Mike Foltynewicz, pitched very well (7 innings, 1 R, 4 H, 9K. That’s great work). It was the bullpen and the Braves’ abysmal bench that did them in. Philadelphia had three consecutive home runs off of the terrible Barves bullpen. They are who we thought they were!

Royals 2, Rangers 5Prof:  YU! YU GOT WHAT I NEEEEEEED! Darvish went eight strong, healthy innings, giving up two solo homers in the third inning, but settled down to help Texas bend the game to its will. Joey Gallo continued his bomb-a-palooza, hitting another home run – his sixth of the young season.

Astros 6, Rays 4 F/10Scouts: Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve both homered for the Astros while Brian McCann picked up the go-ahead single in the 10th completing a come from behind victory.

Red Sox 6, Orioles 2Scouts: There was some drama in this one.  The Red Sox, who had been throwing a fit over Manny Machado accidentally injuring Dustin Pedroia on Friday night, decided to throw 4 consecutive pitches over two separate at-bats at Machado.  The final one missing his head by mere inches.  It was a real cowardly move by Matt Barnes.  We go through this every year, and every year MLB completely ignores this problem of players deciding to exact revenge for slights real or imagined by intentionally attempting to end a player’s career.  It needs to stop and the commissioners office needs to step in and make a bold statement.  The interesting wrinkle to this story is Dustin Pedroia and Machado are friends.  Machado reached out to Pedroia on Friday night and the two have no animosity over the incident.  Pedroia was seen mouthing on the field after the throw “It’s not me, that’s them.  You know that, I know that. It’s not me.”  It’s incredibly clear to any right thinking person that Machado never intended to injure Pedrioa, yet there is this culture around baseball that feels it’s acceptable to throw a 90+mph pitch at another person’s head.  Machado for his part showed some growth and did not retaliate.

Indians 2, White Sox 6Prof:  Derek Holland found some old magic and pitched six innings in this Chicago victory. Dutchie has now lowered his ERA to under 2 for the season. Clearly the change of scenery has done him good.

Giants 0, Rockies 8Prof: Boy oh boy, the Giants are awful right now.  Jeff Samardzija is still winless, and this outing did not help, as the Shark gave up seven runs. Does anyone remember the last time San Francisco was this lousy? According to Elias, this is their worst start since the early 80s. But this is San Francisco, they always find a way. If they are still this bad at the All Star Break, that’s when they can panic.

Blue Jays 6, Angels 2Scouts: Toronto’s starting to show some life winning 4 of their last 8.  That’s really saying something for a team with just 5 wins on the season.  John Givvons was ejected for arguing a quick pitch call in the third.

Mariners 11, Athletics 1Prof:  This was a straight up butt kicking. Nelson Cruz had five RBIs and Taylor Motter hit a grand slam to absolutely devastate Oakland.

Dodgers 6, Diamondbacks 2Prof:  Brandon McCarthy is continuing to show his worth to Los Angeles by tossing another gem, this time against the Gritty Snakes. Hot take of the day was something I saw on Twitter. The goof who wrote this amazing opinion isn’t worth publically humiliating, but he said that Arizona won the Miller/Swanson trade because Dansby is slumping and “Miller is doing well”. OK. Shelby Miller (the starting pitcher for the D’Backs) is 2-2 right now with an ERA over 4 for the season. Dansby is slumping, yes, but I wouldn’t say that he’s a dud. Man, I just can’t with these people.

Marlins 7, Padres 3Prof:  Justin Bour smacked a three run homer to put the Fish over the Pads,

Nationals 6, Mets 3Scouts: Dale Murphy just keeps on trucking, picking up a first inning grand slam.  Ryan Zimmerman picked up a two run shot in the 8th.

Yankees 1, Pirates 2Scouts: Ian Nova got a little work in on his old team striking out 7 in 7 innings and holding the red-hot Yankees to just 1 run.

20 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/23/17

  1. (Dale Murphy, Scouts??)

    The Nats did practically nothing offensively against Zack Wheeler after the grand slam, and while Max Scherzer pitched eight strong innings, he gave up two home runs to the Mets to keep it close; this isn’t some kind of Scherzer Sucks Hot Take, but gopher balls were a problem for him last year, and these were the first two he yielded this year. However, Zimmerman’s home run gave the Nats some breathing room, plating Bryce Harper, who’s now 8-11 against lefties so far, and Closer In Waiting Koda Glover picked up his second save of the weekend to nail down the victory. The sweep leaves the Mets 5 1/2 games in arrears of the Nats in the early going.

    The Nats are now 6-0 on the Ten Game Road Trip From Heck, with four in Colorado starting tonight. The bullpen is well rested and is working on a ten inning scoreless streak, which will be tested tonight. This would ordinarily be a Strasburg start, but he’s on paternity leave, so Jacob Turner gets a One Night Only appearance in Denver, and I predict a final score that looks like a slo-pitch softball game.

    (Write scalding hot take about how Strasburg is abandoning his teammates at a crucial time for such a trivial matter of the birth of his child, and couldn’t he have planned better)

    (Immediately delete said take, because I am neither an asshole nor Bill Plaschke)

    Nats rolling, Caps advancing… Good times at SomeHouseInVA

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glover went to Oklahoma State. I wish the Tigers could figure out how to draft a young arm like him for the bullpen instead of paying for old has-beens….and, also, so we could have a Cherokee named “Bear” on our team.


  2. I really wish the Twins would save games like yesterday for the evenings. Had I been properly anesthetized, I might have enjoyed seeing them allow two runs…on a strikeout.

    Even so, thanks to the other fan who did enjoy the Twin’s adorable performance, I did have a little bit of fun.


    1. Frankly the blowouts aren’t that fun to me either. It was amusing that our 2nd and 3rd stringers have been better than our stars. Just adorable.


  3. See, now, thanks to Barnes (and mostly likely Farrell), Pedroia is likely to get thrown at next time Pedroia comes to the plate versus Baltimore. This is entirely Barnes’ and Farrell’s fault. And Barnes throwing at the head is completely out of line.

    If I’m Pedroia I’m mad as hell that certain members of his own team decided they were going to be assholes and retaliate for something Pedroia himself didn’t have a problem with.


    1. Unfortunately, part of being a star player is learning to take a pitch. I’ve seen Miggy and Victor shrug off all kinds of thumpings.


    2. The Orioles have a history of not throwing st people intentionally. Unless you consider Ubaldo who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn sailing a 70 mph curve ball to the backstop throwing at someone. I don’t think Buck allows it. So I expect it’ll all end here and now. But 4 game suspension for Barnes is some weak ass shit. MLB should be ashamed they continue to allow this crap to happen. 20 games min would send a message. Try to put someone in he hospital and you will pay. Knock this childish bullcrap off. But MLB won’t be happy until someone ends someone’s career. Then the lawsuits and potential criminal investigations will force a change in policy. It’s just a shame that’s what it’s going to take.


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