Weekend Express – Scores for 4/22/17

Your friendly neighborhood Prof has another date today (Sunday afternoon) so I am going to cut this short so I can get some beauty sleep.

Tigers 5, Twins 4 – The only thing I know about this game was that Historio sent me a message informing me that the benches cleared after Miguel Sano got plunked. I’m sure between Historio and Happy, we can get the full scoop.

Blue Jays 4, Angels 5


Giants 3, Rockies 12

Cubs 12, Reds 8

Braves 3, Phillies 4 F/10 – Horse crap. No run support. Never any run support. This tweet explains my mindset perfectly.

Royals 1, Rangers 2

Cardinals 4, Brewers 1

Marlins 6, Padres 3 F/11

Dodgers 5, Diamondbacks 11

Indians 7, White Sox 0 – Cookie Carrasco crushed Chicago. Alliteration!

17 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 4/22/17

  1. Ugh, dating is hell. Why would you date?

    Our rookie, Jones, got hit in the face in the 3rd. It bled a good bit and Jones was in a lot of pain (they say busted lip now, but no word on a potential concussion or anything). Later, in the 5th, Matt Boyd hit Miguel Sano and the benches cleared. Sano headed toward Boyd and James McCann and the ump cut him off. Sano was ejected. Then Boyd was ejected. There was the usual mulling about and it was tense afterwards.

    The Garbage Mustache came in to relieve Boyd. He and Greenie did ok, but of course, Freaky Frankie came in and gave up a run in the 9th. Luckily, we had a 2-run padding, so the extra run was our saving grace.

    Which leads me to this: your closer is supposed to be your best reliever — a lights out guy who can lock it down in a high pressure situation. Frankie gives up a run on the regular, so you need a 2-run lead to put him in for a save. How does that make sense? He’s given up 6 runs in 7+ innings so far this year. Of course the Tigers are all: he has 6 saves! Like they aren’t the shakiest damn saves and he escaped more than saved. Now we need some good arms in the BP to use in close games so we don’t have to use our weak ass designated closer. It’s ridiculous.

    Imma start a BP watch: tracking when we shed Greenie, Sanchez, Rondon, and Rodriguez.


    1. Dating is ok when you like the person you’re going out with. And I do. I mean, at the very least this guy knows Braves baseball and Mike Mussina’s repertoire. So it doesn’t even feel like a date, it feels like a moment of awesomeness.

      Thanks for the scoop, Historio. I figured you could break it down.


    2. Nice to see the continuation of the Klingon tradition involving:

      The pitcher of one of the teams has a pitch slip which accidentally hits the opposing team’s batter.
      The offending pitcher dare not say “oh God I’m sorry. I hope you’re alright”.
      The offended team, even though they surely know it was an accident, must retaliate by hitting a player who had nothing to do with it, and that player must be guilty of being the other team’s best hitter.
      A two second shoving match must be followed by 50 guys running out on the field to pretend that they’re ready for a big fight.

      BTW Torrii was saying between the third and the fifth what a friendly and fun guy Sano is. After the plunking he said this might be “the spark the Twins need”. Weird.

      You forgot to mention that Rodriguez came within less than 10 feet of giving up a two run walk off.

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        1. Twist the knife? When the ball came off the bat like a rocket, while you were putting ash on your head and rending your garments I yelled BALLGAME!!!. When it came down just short of the wall, while you sighed with relief I groaned with despair. Good thing we weren’t watching together.

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        2. Actually I would pay good money to see y’all watch a game together! It’d be like Stadler and Waldorf and I would be so damn happy.


  2. For the Feesh, the Iron Giant had 2 bombs, Dee Gordon had a little league homer, and Straily had 14 (fascist) K’s in 7 innings.


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