Weekend Express – Scores for 4/21/17

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the death of musical icon and pop legend Prince. The Twins celebrated their most famous native son by painting the game purple. Their twitter feed and snapchat icons were purple as well. To remember the legacy of His Royal Badness, today I’m going to post some Prince music for your Saturday morning enjoyment. Word of warning, it’s still impossible to find Prince songs on YouTube, but I lucked out finding a few of my favorites. Still can’t find the best Prince song, “Seven”. Booooooo.

Braves 3, Phillies 4

Cubs 6, Reds 5 F/11

Royals 2, Rangers 6 – Joey Gallo smacked two homers in this game. I wonder what they’re going to do to keep him in the lineup since he’s only supposed to be in Texas temporarily?

Tigers 3, Twins 6

Red Sox 0, Orioles 2

Yankees 3, Pirates 6

Dodgers 5, Diamondbacks 13 – Whoa! Nine runs in the eighth inning gave the Gritty Snakes the upper hand. This is a situation where you ask did Arizona win, or Los Angeles lose? When you put your trust in Luis Avilan, you’re setting yourself up. But then again, when you have Paul Goldschmidt, you’re also setting yourself up. Discuss!

Mariners 1, Athletics 3

Blue Jays 8, Angels 7 F/13 – Joey Bats smacked a three run homer in the 13th inning, and still Toronto nearly coughed it up. Do we start worrying about the Blue Jays now?

Marlins 3, Padres 5

Cardinals 6, Brewers 3 – Adam Wainwright got a two run homer! Way to go, Waino! That being said, boo Cardinals.

Nationals 4, Mets 3 F/11

Astros 6, Rays 3

Indians 3, White Sox 0

Giants 5, Rockies 6 – HAHAHAHAHAHA MadBum. Schadenfreude.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 4/21/17

  1. Yesterday on the Tigers broadcast, the guys took turns naming their favorite Prince song, and I thought: I couldn’t say mine on the air…he he. They said tickets to tour Paisley Park were available and the VIP ones went for $1K.

    The game stunk for us, but I’m glad the Twins had something to get purple over in a good way. V was channeling Rondon, and though we started strong, we bottomed out fast.

    Also, now I have a name dilemma: The Tigers have a pitcher named Joe Jiminez. The first name is English, so it’s a hard J. His last name is Spanish, so the J is an H. Do you know how hard it is to say Joe Himenez? It doesn’t roll off the tongue. Some people won’t let me just use hard J’s for convenience. I have begun to retaliate by referring to him as Hoe Himenez or Hoe-Him. I need something clever but Joe-Him is underwhelming…

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  2. Bit of drama during the O’s/Red Sox game when Manny Machado over slid second base a little and injured Dustin Pedroia. Pedroia stated after the game he wasn’t mad at all, but apparently John Farrell threw a little temper tantrum, blowing the slide completely out of proportion. Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield got tossed at the top of the next inning for his tantrum over the incident.

    While I agree that the slide was late, I do not agree there was any malice or any need to get so worked up over it. It’s also not a violation of the double play rule since there was absolutely no way in hell a double play was going to be made. In fact, Machado was only out because he slightly over-slid the bag and came off as he attempted to help save Pedroia as he actually beat the throw. He simply came in harder than anticipated and his foot popped off the bag. It happens. Me thinks Farrell needs to get a grip and maybe read the damn rule book again. This wasn’t Utley of a few years ago, or even Bautista of last season.

    “Extremely late slide,” Farrell said. “The argument at the time was if the rule’s in place to protect the middle infielder, well, then it didn’t work tonight. I know there’s a component to the rule that says he’s got to deliberately and willfully attempt a double play. When you’re cleaned out beyond second base, and the runner never held second base completely, to me, the rule failed tonight.”


    Either way, the O’s got another dominating pitching performance by Dylan Bundy and the third dominating performance by a starter in a row. I’m not sure I’m watching the same Orioles. But I have to say that Bundy is in deed for real and people should start to take notice.


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