He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/20/17

I’ll be honest with you guys.  I got nothing today.  Absolutely nothing of value to talk about.  There are no good movies, no good sports stories, nothing in media, no big news stories.  Absolutely nothing.  It’s Friday and I’m exhausted.  So why don’t we just skip the preamble today and get right to it.


Red Sox 4, Blue Jays 1Scouts: Sometimes all you need is a nice bases clearing double in the 10th after your latest free agent acquisition puts up 13 strike outs. All I can think of is Jame’s Brown’s “Living in America”.


Indians 6, Twins 2Scouts: Cleveland picks up the sweep behind Carlos Santana’s set of RBI Doubles.

Tigers 1, Rays 8 Scouts: Detroit scored first, but then Tampa came back with 8 unanswered runs.  Defense was again was a problem for the Tigers as Tyler Collins misplayed a bloop that turned into a two run, two-out triple.

Angels 1, Astros 2 Scouts: LA was shut down all game, until the 9th when they put up one.  Enough to threaten, but not enough to do any damage.  Both of Houston’s runs came off solo’s.


Orioles 2, Reds 1Scouts: Coming off the back of Ubaldo’s stunning performance came one even better from Wade Miley who gave up just 2 hits in 8 innings with 11 strike outs. (And it wasn’t enough to get the win.) You could just tell watching Miley that he was absolutely in the zone last night.  J.J. Hardy broke the game open with a double in the 10th.

Phillies 6, Mets 4Scouts: You don’t often get to commit three errors and still win a ballgame.  The result of two of these errors ended in 5 runs, which is more than even Thor can overcome.

Nationals 3, Braves 2Scouts: Straz struck out the first 4 batters he faced, eventually totaling 10 on the night as the Nats completed the sweep.

Royals 0, Rangers 1Scouts: 13 innings it took for anyone to score.  Delino DeShields hit the walk-off single to end the misery.  The Royals have scored 4 or more runs just 4 times so far this season.


Cardinals 5, Brewers 7Scouts: Eric Thames just wont’ stop hitting bombs.  Seriously, it’s getting a little ridiculous at this point.


D’Backs 1, Padres 4Scouts: Wil Myers and Austin Hedges both homered to give the Padres their 7th win on the year.

Mariners 6, Athletics 9Scouts: The A’s are on a 3 game win streak breaking Jame Paxton’s 23 scoreless inning streak.

22 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/20/17

  1. You buried the lede on Nats/Braves, Scouts, because hell froze over in Atlanta.

    See, Freddie Freeman, a very good player, went 0-4 last night against the Nats, a team against whom he usually seemingly resembles an inner circle Hall of Famer who always comes through in the clutch. Oliver Perez even got him out in the 8th inning of a 3-2 game, a situation where pretty much everyone was expecting him to homer because that’s what he does against the Nats.

    Not a whole lot happened last night. Other than Ryan Zimmerman, who homered and doubled, the Nats couldn’t really figure out R.A. Dickey. However, with Strasburg’s pitching, several outstanding plays on defense, and a quiet night from C.B. Bucknor, they did enough to get the win. Even the bullpen kept things only mildly interesting; Perez got one out in the 8th, then Closer In Waiting Koda Glover got two more. Shawn “Every Other Day” Kelley got two quick outs in the 9th before giving up a hit and a walk, then got a fly ball to end the game.

    3-0 is a good way to start the Ten Game Road Trip From Heck, and now it’s on to New York to face the Mets, who appear to have some issues at present:

    I had eggs for breakfast, so I’m not counting any chickens.

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    1. I was on a date last night; we watched this game at a bar and bemoaned the lack of catchers in the Braves org. Lol Stras looked sharp.


        1. Was listening to the Barves radio team (Don Sutton and somebody) the other night (SiriusXM – All the games, but only the home team announcers in the car) and they love these guys, especially for their pitch framing ability.

          Of course, as Don Sutton pointed out, you never hear about pitch framing when you’re talking about great pitchers, so maybe that’s an overrated part of the game…


        2. I just can’t. I don’t gave the vocabulary to tell you how disappointing these catchers are to me. But I’m just a fan, what do I know.


  2. Really loving the reactions of South Korean fans regarding about Thames’ success in MLB, “Born in the USA, but developed/made in Korea”, you can tell that he’s somewhat of a pride for them and their league even though he’s American.

    Even MBC sports are showing and televising all of his games there in the United States, which is really interesting to see knowing that they usually just televise games when it comes to South Korean born players playing in MLB… I don’t recall them showing some of Radhamez Liz (former LG Twins), and Brett Pill’s (former KIA Tigers) games when returning there in the US, knowing these player are very popular too with their former respective teams in the KBO as well.

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    1. Have you two noticed that if Cleveland loses tonight tonight’s game between the Twins and Tigers will be for first place.

      Here’s hoping that the Gods have decided to curse the AL Central with a three way tie, between three 500 teams.

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  3. Disclosure: I was on a date last night and ooops, stayed out way too late. So I’m sorry it was all Scouty today. I’ll make it up to you guys lol

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    1. I went on a date this week, and the nice thing about dating another baseball fan is that we keep our phones on the table for game alerts and the other person totally understands.

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  4. Craig Kimbrel vultures a win from Chris Sale.

    And the ‘Stro’s are going to wrap up the AL West by August 1st. (In my dreams).


  5. I hope that we at least get a good ways into May before I have to listen to Blyleven opine about five times a game that ‘the Twins just need to get back to 500 by the all star break and see what happens’.

    Blub blub.


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