He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/19/17

So when I did yesterday’s recaps, I totally missed that god-awful display by C.B. Bucknor.  I heard there was a bad Umpiring, but I had not heard just how bad it was and certainly did not know that it was one of the biggest names in terrible umpiring.  Check out the video to see for yourself.

Jason Werth was pretty visibly upset, and with good reason.  Unfortunately we did not get to hear how he really fears since he knew if he said anything he would end up suspended over a just cause.  If you ask me it totally would have been worth it and I would have absolutely let it fly.  Thankfully, others don’t have such restraints.

“He missed that by a foot and a half!” his partner Dave Jageler agreed. “I mean, I just saw a replay. He missed it by a foot and a half, it was not even close! Was not even close!”

“Not even close,” Jageler said. “That’s embarrassing. This is embarrassing.”“That’s a horrible job by the umpires,” Slowes said.

“That’s not even close to a foul ball,” F.P. Santangelo said. “I just don’t know how this happens. … I don’t even think [home plate umpire CB Bucknor] knows what town he’s in right now.”

Here’s the thing.  Anyone who’s been around Baseball for a while is not at all shocked or surprised that C.B. Bucknor, who’s often cited as the absolute worst umpire in the history of officiating made this call.  And we are not shocked that he continues to be employed despite clear and solid evidence that he has absolutely no idea what in the world he is doing.  He is completely clueless and needs to go like yesterday.  It’s time for some serious accountability  from these terrible umpires.  And it’s absolutely embarrassing when inevitably Bucknor winds up behind the plate at some NL Championship game simply because his employer has refused to do anything about him for so many years.

Brewers 4, Cubs 7Prof:  Addison Russell comes back with the muscle! Chicago was behind in the ninth inning when their bats got hot and the young shortstop smacked the walk-off to give the reigning World Champs the win.

Rangers 1, Athletics 9Scouts: Oakland woke the bats up picking up 9 runs off 14 hits including dingers from Khris Davis, Yonder Alonso, and Chad Pinder.

Phillies 4, Mets 5Scouts: Jay Bruce, whom no one wanted in the off-season picked up all 5 RBI’s for the Mets going yard twice.

Nationals 14, Braves 4Prof:  Well, hell and damn. Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman both hit grand slams in this game that was over before it ever started. The Braves’ only legitimate ace, Julio Teheran, played more like a back end starter, allowing seven runs on seven hits in only four innings. That Harper was able to smash off of him is no surprise because Harper has Julio’s number. Poor Ender Inciarte tried his damnedest to catch Harper’s grand salami, but there wasn’t enough bounce in his leap. Oh, and CB Bucknor was up to his old tricks again. Can someone please revoke his umpire card?


Rockies 2, Dodgers 4Scouts: Clayton does what Clayton does.  5 hits and 2 runs over 7 innings, peppering in 10 strike outs.  It must be pretty nice to pretty much have an automatic win every 5 days in your pocket.

Diamondbacks 0, Padres 1Scouts: This was a real barn burner, the sole run coming off a Erick Aybar solo ding dong in the bottom of the 8th.  Purists rejoice!

Pirates 1, Cardinals 2Prof:  The Redbirds only needed the services of one Dexter Fowler, who hit two home runs and propelled St. Louis to a win against their division rivals. Michael Wacha got a well deserved win.


Marlins 5, Mariners 10Prof:  That Haniger, so hot right now.

hansel so hot

That would be Mitch Haniger, the upstart Seattle rookie who is on a tear. He got five hits and drove in four runs in this rout of Miami. Ichiro had a fairytale ending, though, hitting a solo homer in the stadium and in front of fans where he began his storied career.


White Sox 1, Yankees 9Scouts: The Yankees just won’t stop winning and winning big.  I mean it helps they are playing the White Sox and have played Tampa twice, but they also swept the Cardinals.  We will really see what this team is made of shortly when they face the Pirates, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays, and Cubs over the next few weeks.

Red Sox 0, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Errors were the story of this one.  All three runs came as a result of them.  First Pablo Sandoval sailed a throw to first.  Then Mitch Moreland blew a slow chopper that put runners on second and third, setting up a 2 run single by Darwin Barney.

Giants 0, Royals 2Prof:  It’s a miracle. Madison Bumgarner is only human! Although it’s not really his fault; his team has given him no run support at all. Jason Vargas, however, is pitching well for Kansas City after coming back from Tommy John surgery.

Orioles 2, Reds 0Scouts: Watching Ubaldo is like watching a Knuckle-ball pitcher with control issues.  I don’t think he ever knows where the ball is going to go when he throws it.  Sometimes he’s insanely wild, sometime the ball throws flat and hitters tee off on him, and sometimes he throws so well no one can touch him.  Today was one of those times.  Ubaldo went 7.2 innings and gave up just 2 hits, walked 4 and lowered his ERA from 10.38 to 5.51, shutting down one of the hottest teams in baseball.  62 or so of his 108 pitches were thrown for strikes, which means people were making contact, just unable to square anything up.  From all accounts Ubaldo is a wonderful person who is incredibly well liked and respected in the clubhouse.  He’s never complained always does what’s asked of him and tries really, really hard every single day.  So when he has a day like this, it’s really hard not to remember just what’s so damn great about sports.

Tigers 7, Rays 8Scouts: The Tigers literally threw this one away.  With bases loaded and 1 out in the 9th, Jose Iglesias tripped over second as he was throwing to first and ended up and throwing the ball away.  The throw allowed 2 runs to score and the Rays to walk it off on what should have been a game ending double play.

Angels 1, Astros 5Prof:  Dallas Keuchel was sharp for seven innings, Josh Reddick was this close to the cycle, and Evan Gattis split his bat in half in Houston’s win over the Halos.

Indians, Twins – PPD

14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/19/17

  1. Here’s CB Bucknor’s series, in two pictures – https://twitter.com/_jmc21/status/854878016723460096

    As for the Nats, just like Reggie Jackson carried the sobriquet “Mr. October”, and Dave Winfield was nicknamed “Mr. May”, Bryce Harper is carving out his claim to the title “Mr. April”. Excluding a pedestrian 2014, when he was bristling under the Big Marine, here are his OPS numbers for the month during his career:

    2013: 1.150
    2015: 0.985
    2016: 1.121
    2017: 1.362

    Interesting that the worst of these four was his MVP year. Of course, in 2013, he ran into a wall (literally) and Joe Maddon and undisclosed injuries did him in last year, but we always must temper our excitement over his early season performance to see if it’s sustained for many months.

    Joe Ross, the one and only true fifth starter for this team, made his debut last night and pitched very well, even hanging around long enough to get five plate appearances. Ryan Zimmerman’s grand slam was mentioned in the recap, and he’s continuing to make an early case for Comeback Player of the Year; it’s nice to see him be productive again, what with his contract lasting for a few more years.

    It has been officially announced that Blake Treinen has been deposed as closer, with duties to be split between Shawn “Every Other Day” Kelley and Closer In Waiting Koda Glover. Winning games 14-4 obviates the need for such trifles, but this won’t happen every night.

    On the injury front, Jayson Werth left last night’s contest early after tweaking a groin (his own); he may miss a day or two, but he doesn’t think it’s serious. Trea Turner’s supposed to start a rehab assignment “someplace warm”; Nats’ farm teams are in Syracuse, Harrisburg, suburban DC, and Hagerstown, and none of them really qualify, given the current weather forecasts, so maybe he’ll be at extended spring training for a few days.

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  2. “More than likely his final at-bat in Safeco field at age 43.”

    Ichiro said he wants to play even at age 51, so he’ll likely stay around for a long while and will most likely return there once again at Safeco. Still, if no MLB teams are interested in his services, he can still comeback to Japan and play there.

    (Really hoping for an anime adaptation of his story though…)

    Bat up some more, Ichi-san.

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  3. Correction: Frankie and Brad threw that game away. We were up. Frankie walked the first guy and then gave up a double so there were 2 in scoring position. Brad elected to walk the next guy. IDK why anyone would be dumb enough to load the bases with no outs and Frankie pitching. He must have thought he was playing for the tie, but 1) dammit, don’t do that, and 2) get real, this is Frankie — he always gives up runs. Anyway, Frankie managed to strike the next guy out but we were desperate for the double play then. Kinsler’s toss to Iggy wasn’t good and then Iggy stumbled. The losing started well before then — don’t try to force Frankie’s failure onto Little Sexy Fire (who got hit trying to save us).

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  4. While there’s nothing “Sexy” about tripping over 2nd base, the Tigers aren’t in that position if they didn’t have a washed up, rag-armed has been closer walking lead off hitters. Bring back Joe Jimenez and move Justin Wilson to the closer role.

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