The Midnight Snack – Piiiiiiie Edition

Cake versus pie. Everyone has their own views on the matter. However, I believe we can all agree that this pie is really tasty.

That’s right! Adam Jones is a rebel. But we all knew it was coming…or at least you did if you follow him on Twitter:

7 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Piiiiiiie Edition

  1. I’ve never understood the question. Cake, pie, it’s all good. Cookies go well with either (or both).
    To me it’s like the Star controversy. Trek or Wars, each is better than any chick flick and almost every Best Film Oscar winner.

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      1. Ice cream is a rare substance that makes most everything better. It also stands on its own. Salt makes lots of foods better but you can’t enjoy a nice bowl of salt by itself.

        I will accept your I


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