He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/18/17

Prof: My neighbors on both sides have been dueling Jerry Springer episodes two nights in a row. This evening, Neighbors Number Two took it out into the hallway. So I’m not too chatty, sorry.

Indians 11, Twins 4Scouts: Phil Hughes had a off day giving up 8 hits and 4 runs while lasting just 3.1 innings.  Jose Ramirez and Edwin Encarnacion both his 2 run jacks as Cleveland’s offense busted out early and often.

Phillies 6, Mets 2 F/10Prof:  The Phillies surged at just the right moment to take down the struggling Metropolitans, thanks to Jose Reyes’ error. It was just a sloppy game all the way around. I’m more interested in the outcome of tomorrow’s matchup between two RHPs who have ERAs in the 9s. Woof.

Nationals 3, Braves 1Prof:  All good things come to an end, and the Braves finally lost at home, no thanks to Emily Bonerface and Chase D’oh-No. I mean, oops. That’s not their names but I’m not fixing it. They might as well be. Once again, this team ain’t nothing without Freddie Freeman, who went 2-2.

Brewers 7, Cubs 9 Scouts: The Cubs break a 4 game losing steak and finally get the offense moving a little.  Still starter Brett Anderson lasted just 3.2 innings giving up 6 runs on 8 hits.  I’m not so sure how much Chicago won this as opposed to Milwaukee losing it more.

Rangers 2, Athletics 4 Scouts: All runs here were scored in the 6th as the Athletics doubled down on the 2 spot Texas threw up.  Adam Rosales smacked a two-run dinger that broke a 15 inning scoreless streak for the A’s.

White Sox 4, Yankees 1Prof:  Garcias galore as Chicago stops New York’s eight game winning streak. Leury Garcia and Avisail Garcia both hit bombs off Luis Severino.

Red Sox 8, Blue Jays 7Prof:  So close, Blue Jays. So darn close. You can’t help it that you ran into a buzzsaw named Mookie Betts (3-5, 1 HR, 2 RBI).

Angels 5, Astros 2Scouts: Albert Pujols can still hit, smacking a 3-run bomb that wast eh difference maker in this one.  Pujols is now just 7 shy of 600 lifetime.  I like nice round numbers.

Orioles 3, Reds 9Prof: There is something in the water in Cincinnati. Might wanna check out the Skyline chili or something. Also, Bronson Arroyo got the win – his first since 2014 (!!!?), and Adam Duvall got a grand slam.

Tigers 1, Rays 5Scouts: Today I learned that Miggy and I share a birthday.  I also learn that Miggy is a few years younger than I.  Damn I feel extra old.  Unfortunately no one else wanted to celebrate the Mighty Miggy’s birthday as the Rays played party-poopers.

Giants 2, Royals 1 F/11Scouts: Someone had to win this one, and eventually in the 11th Joe Panik decided he was ready to head home by hitting the go-ahead RBI in the 11th.

Pirates 1, Cardinals 2Prof: Get used to seeing this. Not the Cardinals winning, but the Pirates losing. Starling Marte’s 80 game suspension pretty much forces the Buccos’ hand. I expect a lot of trades around the All Star break.

Marlins 5, Mariners 0Prof:  The Fish were on their way to a combined no-hitter when it was broken up late in the ninth inning. Also, I really want Christian Yelich to sign with a team I like (sorry, Gator) because he makes everything fun.

Rockies 4, Dodgers 3 – Nolan Arenado picks up two more homers bringing his season total to 6.  Trevor Story is batting .125.

Diamondbacks 11, Padres 2Prof:  As Dave Chappelle once (sorta) said in what is probably one of the funniest comedy sketches to ever air on television, “What can I say about [the Padres] that hasn’t been said about Afghanistan? It looks bombed out and depleted.” Now, I am not as diabolical as Silky Johnson but I, too, am a card carrying Player Hater. So let’s read the Padres for a minute. The Padres are so bad (HOW BAD ARE THEY?) they are letting Shelby Miller shut them down. Shelby Miller, who has a 5+ ERA in the month of April. The Padres are so bad that they trotted out Christian Bethancourt AND Erick Aybar to pitch. Erick Aybar. The shortstop. Might I remind you that Bethancourt and Aybar are both so terrible that the Braves were like, “Bye, Felicia” to them both. And they signed Emily Bonerface, so you know they stink. Anyway, I’m out.

12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/18/17

  1. The Nats Ten Game Road Trip From Heck (TGRTFH) started last night; three in Atlanta, three against the Mets, and then four in Colorado, with night games on all three getaway days and no days off (and after Colorado they play the Mets at home, which, kind of important).

    Day one of TGRTFH featured The Ump Show, starring C.B. Bucknor and The Boys in Blue. Bucknor had the plate, and he demonstrated a command of the strike zone not seen in Atlanta since Eric Gregg, circa 1997 NLCS, or maybe Enrico Pallazzo, if you want to go back further. I umpired a bit when I was a younger man, never higher than Babe Ruth level, and I know having the plate is hard. You position yourself on the inside corner, between the batter and the catcher, and from that vantage point, it can be tough to call the outside corner, depending on the pitch, the size of the catcher, etc., but you should have full mastery of the inside corner. Not our Mr. Bucknor, though, not last night, as he was awarding strikes on pitches a full six inches or more inside, but at least he was bad for both teams, so there’s that. We’ll return to The Ump Show in a moment.

    Max Scherzer went seven for the Nats; not terribly efficient at 115 pitches, but he only yielded two hits and three walks, and left with a 3-0 lead, turning things over to (horror music crescendo builds) The Bullpen….

    Sammy Solis, who’s a lefty, not a LOOGY, had the 8th, and he only gave up one hit, but also had two wild pitches, so the runner reached third, but no damage was done. I was only listening to the game, and have no idea if Wieters could’ve reasonably blocked either of them, but he’s not yet distinguished himself behind the dish, so.

    Soon To Be Former Closer Blake Treinen got the 9th, and it wasn’t pretty. Single, fielder’s choice, single, walk, and walk, and now it’s 3-1, bases loaded, and one out. Here comes Dusty, there goes Treinen, and on comes Shawn “Every Other Day” Kelley, who induces a foul out down the right field line, not deep enough to score a run, and then strikes out Chase d’Arnaud to end the game.

    Or so we thought…

    See, d’Arnaud swung at a slider in the dirt, Wieters smothered it and then stepped on home plate to get the force out, the Braves headed quietly to the dugout, the Nats did the post-game handshake thing, groundscrew headed onto the field, but The Ump Show decides we’re gonna have an encore, declaring that d’Arnaud foul tipped the pitch, which, OH MY FUCKING GOD NO ARE YOU BLIND?!?!?!?!

    Seriously, there’s video embedded here, go to the 13 second mark, and watch as d’Arnaud misses the ball by at least nine inches:


    Unfortunately, the call’s not reviewable, so everyone back where they were, Kelley throws another slider, d’Arnaud swings and misses again, Wieters catches it cleanly, turns to ask Bucknor if the game’s really over this time, The Ump Show says “Thank you, Atlanta, good night, we love you, drive home safely”, and that’s it.

    Joe Ross makes his season debut tonight, and DC and Atlanta fans will have to divide their time between Nats/Braves and Wizards/Hawks Game 2, while DC also gets to agonize over Caps/Leafs Game 4 as well. Great time to be a sports fan here…

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    1. I read on Deadspin that ypu know an ump is horrible when both teams think the strike zone was atrocious. I thought Werth was gonna throw down.


      1. Oh, that’s just Werth doing team leadership things, and I’d rather it be him risking suspension than Harper, or Murphy, or almost anyone else in the lineup.

        I can’t find a video of it, but the foul tip call was the worst foul tip call I’ve seen since a Married With Children episode where Bud Bundy found himself surrounded by models, and he proceeded to hit on and get turned down by each in turn. His remarks after each rejection went as follows:

        “strike one”

        “strike two”

        “foul tip”

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        1. You also know it’s bad when Braves fans, who as a general rule hate ALL Nats, their fans, and all they stand for, were expressing disbelief at the call and agreeing with Werth.

          CB Bucknor is bringing folks together, though. Lol

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    2. Yeah, that was just inexplicable, except perhaps in light of Dock Ellis’ LSD no hitter. So, maybe shrooms, idk, whatever is plentiful and cheap in Atlanta this week.


  2. Alas, the Twins are at 500 and their hot start is officially over. In a sense this is the real start of their season.

    Hughes didn’t have an off day, he had a 2016 Hughes day. Nothing against the guy of course, but except for his first year with the Twins he’s been at best an average starter who is now in decline. Looking on the bright side, since Yahweh was able to transform one of Adam’s ribs into Eve, it may be that our Gods are transforming the rib Hughes had removed into an ace to replace him with. Berrois has 14 consecutive innings to start his hopefully short season at AAA.

    We shall see what we shall see and right now I see no snow.


        1. While I got just one baby within my care I will not drink one drop. Now while when the babies are hours long gone I seek refuge in 80 plus or so refuge, I must go to bed early enough that they have my refuge tomorrow.


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