Mac Suzuki to start English Baseball class in Japan

Former Major league pitcher, Mac Suzuki, 41 years of age (retired), has announced today that he is starting an English Baseball Class in Adachi Tokyo, Japan. Teaching younger kids the English language, and its benefits, alongside playing fun Baseball is his main objective… target age ranges from 5 to 10 years old, along with an entrance fee of 20,000 Yen, and a monthly fee of 12,000 Yen. This English Baseball class by Suzuki is said to be the first ever in Japan.

One of the reasons for Suzuki on establishing an all English class is to teach those who can’t, buts want to understand the language, can… adding that English could play a vital role, or might even help them in the future. Suzuki also said that understanding English has helped him overcome barriers many times in his life, leading to his maturity when he was in the United States.

In his teenage years, Mac Suzuki dropped out of highschool at the age of 16, and was sent away by his parents… He then went to the US and worked for the Salinas Spurs, an Independent league team based in Salinas, California. He worked as the team’s bat boy, and also a laundry boy at first, but became a full time player in year 1992, where he also pitched in the final game of the season that year. He eventually signed a deal with the Seattle Mariners after that year.

Suzuki’s parents later stated that they were proud of their son’s achievements, and learning the English language since being sent away.

Mac Suzuki played for 6 seasons there in the Major leagues, with a total of 4 different organizations (Seattle Mariners, Kansas City Royals, Colorado Rockies, and Milwaukee Brewers respectively) from year 1996 to 2002. He owns a record of 16-31 with an ERA of 5.72 in 117 career games in the Majors. He later returned in Japan and played with the Orix Buffaloes after his tenure in the United States.

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