He Said, She Said – Recaps for April 16, 2017

Prof:  Hey, peeps. I’m alive! I was just so physically and mentally exhausted toward the end last week. It was terrible. I slept a lot this weekend, too, when I wasn’t watching the new reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix! I watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. As a hardcore, lifelong MSTie, I have to say that I am thrilled beyond measure at this reboot. It is still MST3k. Jonah is awesome. TV’s Son of TV’s Frank – Max – is so gleefully, innocently evil. And yes, that is actually a thing. The new Servo and Crow are just different enough, but they are still Servo and Crow. Crow being Crow, especially, is very important to me, because Crow T. Robot is quite possibly my favorite character in all of fiction. More than Spock, Neville Longbottom, Illya Kuryakin, or Murdock from The A-Team. This new Crow is like a wonderfully sarcastic hybrid of Trace Beaulieu and Bill Corbett, who each played him in the previous versions of MST3k. Plus, it introduced me to an absolutely godawful movie called “Starcrash” starring Marjoe Gordner (!!!), David Hasselhoff (!!!), and…. CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER???? Oh no, Captain Von Trapp, why? Anyway, let’s get on with the scores!



Brewers 4, Reds 2Prof:  Everything was coming up Brew Crew in this game against division rivals Cincinnati. Ryan Braun hit a two run homer and newcomer Eric Thames hit a home run of his own to power Milwaukee to their fifth win in the last six games. For the Reds, they too suffer the wrath of not playing Scooter Gennett at second base – they played old Cubs reject Arismendy Alcantara instead, who had two errors on the day. (Side note – I always loved thinking about how Harry Caray would have said Arismendy Alcantara.)

Tigers 4, Indians 1Scouts: Detroit’s pitching for the win here!  Way to go boys!  Matthew Boyd gave up just 1 run on 7 hits and the bullpen gave up just 1 hit in three innings of work.

Rays 5, Red Sox 7Scouts: 17 Hits was too much for Tampa who tried multiple times to rally but the Red Sox hitting was just too much for them.  Drew Pomeranz lasted just 4.1 innings giving up 5 runs, but the Sox bullpen came in and shut down the Rays.

Padres 2, Braves 9Prof:  Bartolo Colon pitched a very solid seven innings against one of the saddest teams in baseball. San Diego was first on the board, with a solo homer in the second inning. But Bart laughs at solo homers, and so did Ender Inciarte and Brandon Phillips. In the fifth inning, the Atlanta bats woke up, and boy did they ever. The aforementioned Phillips drove in three runs with three hits, and Inciarte hit his fourth home run of the year in the seventh inning.

Did you know that the Braves are undefeated at White Flight Park? It’s true! Of course, they just had their home opener this weekend and they were playing against the Padres, so that might be why. Next up, the Nationals. I don’t think that they’ll be undefeated much longer. Speaking of the Nats…

Phillies 4, Nationals 6Prof:  Bryce Harper came up big. Both of his hits were home runs, including a game ending homer in the ninth inning. Also, a rogue Easter Bunny took out Teddy Roosevelt during the mascot race.


Pirates 6, Cubs 1Scouts: This game was a pitchers duel until the Pirates busted it wide open with 3 in the 8th and 3 more in the 9th.  Both the Pirates and Cubs are now 6-6.  At the moment, the Cubs are last in the NL in homers and are batting just .240 as a team.

White Sox 3, Twins 1 F/10Scouts: You can’t win them all Minnesota!  Avisall Garcia went 4-5 with the go-ahead 2 run jack in the 10th.

Rangers 7, Mariners 8Prof:  It was a tale of two Dysons in this game. The Mariners’ Dyson – Jarrod – started off the ninth inning scoring rally for the Mariners, and the Rangers’ Dyson – Sam – coughed up yet another painful loss for this Texas team.


Orioles 11, Blue Jays 4Scouts: Dylan Bundy continues to deal giving up just 5 hits and 0 runs in 6 innings.  The O’s hit 4 bombs including a pair by rookie Trey Mancini.  This is Trey’s second 2 homer game in this very young season.  Toronto just can’t seem to catch a break and are now 2-10 after losing J.A. Happ in the 5th to an blister on his finger that ruptured.

Angels 0, Royals 1Scouts: Somebody had to score and after 9 long innings and 8 total hits by the two teams combined the Royals picked up a single to walk it off.

Cardinals 3, Yankees 9Prof:  Heyyyyyyy Greg Bird. The newest Yankee first baseman was perfect at the plate, and hit a very pretty home run off the slumping Adam Wainwright. Bird has been recovering from shoulder surgery and had a very promising spring training, but in his first few games this season had been a little off of his game. However, Joe Girardi believes in his young budding star and kept in him in the lineup. Which isn’t happening elsewhere in New York…

Mets 2, Marlins 4Prof:  Seriously, Terry Collins. Why do you hate Michael Conforto? I’m not the only person who feels that this is wrong. Witness one Mr. KLaw:

I mean, what the hell, Mets. What does Conforto have to do to get a starting gig, turn loaves and fish into Shake Shack? Anyway, Matt Harvey pitched well in six innings, and the loss goes to Addison Reed who allowed a waist-high meatball to Fish rookie JT Riddle.


Rockies 4, Giants 3Scouts: Jeff Samardzija is now 0-3 with a 6.16 ERA as the Giants fall to 5-9.  I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a good or bad year for the Giants, but so far they are continuing their awful steak stated around the back half of last year.

D’backs 3, Dodgers 1Scouts: Not much O in L.A.  The Dodgers lost Rich Hill after after 3 as he re-aggravated his blister injury.  Hill had been activated just prior to the game.

Astros, A’s – PPD


13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for April 16, 2017

  1. Gio Gonzalez, Man on a Mission, deserved a better fate than he got yesterday. Up 3-1, Dusty let Gio venture into unfamiliar waters, pitching into the 8th for the first time in a long time, and even getting an out. After that, he gave up two singles, the second of which was misplayed by Jayson Werth, with the ball hopping over the aging one’s head and rolling all the way to the wall. By the time the dust had settled, it was 3-2 Nats with a runner on second, and here came Closer in Waiting Koda Glover.

    Glover had been effective in his last outing, a 3 up 3 down 12 pitch affair on Friday, and he was pumping gas again yesterday. His first batter faced was Mikael Franco, and while he managed to strike him out, during the at-bat he threw a slider that was low and away, and Matt Wieters, making a case for being a catcher in need of late-inning defensive replacement, tried to backhand it rather than dropping to his knees and blocking it, and so it got past him, and the runner moved up to third. Joseph then hit a grounder in the hole between 3rd and short, and we’ve got a tie ballgame, though Glover managed to get another K to get out of the 8th.

    Come the 9th, Closer for Now Blake Treinen continued to show himself unable to throw his sinker consistently for strikes, and Aaron Altherr greeted him with a double. A ground out got him to third, and then Galvis grounded one to Murphy at second, who threw home, and Wieters dropped the throw (Dusty said the umps told him Altherr likely would’ve been safe anyway) so Altherr scored, and the Phils were up 4-3, setting the stage for Harper’s heroics.

    This was the second walk off win of the weekend for the Nats, as Daniel Murphy scored Harper from first with a double in the 10th on Friday, breaking a 2-2 tie. I was at that game, and though I stayed till the end, I can’t say the same for about half the crowd, which was disappointing. The game started at 4:05PM, and I know it was Good Friday, but to see people streaming for the exits starting in the 7th inning left me wondering if they’re coming to the park just see a couple hours of baseball, outcome be damned, instead of the game itself.

    There was also a wave done during the 9th, which is the second time I’ve personally seen such an abomination at Nats Park. I’m pretty sure it started with a group of 100 or so high school kids from Quebec, all rocking Expos shirts, but still, such things have no place at a baseball game (or anywhere else, really).

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      1. At first I thought it was just a high school French club in town for a visit; they were all wearing those old school baseball undershirt three quarter sleeve numbers, with white bodies and navy sleeves, and the Expos logo on the front and something about NYC-DC on the back. I figured the logo was just an attempt at teenage irony.

        As we were walking out, we were overtaken and then passed by the whole crowd of them, with them singing/chanting something in French at the top of their lungs, so I asked an apparent chaperone, and she told me they had come down from Quebec (and stayed for the whole game), so good on them.

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  2. Notwithstanding JV tipping his pitches or having signs stolen, it was a good weekend in the Magical Land of Cleve for those of the striped persuasion. Taking 2 outta 3 when you were 4 up & 14 down the previous year is about as good as you can hope for.

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  3. Why do I feel like Apollo 13 getting ready to come back to earth?

    Or worse a WW II u boat nearing the end of the early war “happy days” as enemy sonar improves. Run silent run deep Captain Molitor.


    1. That’s how we felt in 2012. Like it was some sort of joke and the rug was going to get pulled out from under us. It’s still early, so anything could happen, but either way, you should soak in the moment and enjoy it as much as possible. Ignore the neigh-sayers and try not to become one yourself.


      1. Don’t worry about me, this season will certainly be better than last years, and who knows baseball has become so closely competitive that slight tilts in competitive advantage can result in dramatically different outcomes. But I do think that we are seeing signs of a brighter future, but not that future itself. The Twins started out 4 – 0 and then went 3 – 5. If that overall pattern continues we could see another 1987, back when my children were still children and all things were still possible, but I think that going forward we’ll see more 3 – 5 stretches then 4 – 0 ones. I’ll settle for at just one more warm summer where hope lives until September.


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