He Said, She Said – Recaps For 4/13/17

Scouts: Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone is prepared for the holiday weekend.  Does anyone have any special plans?  I don’t normally celebrate Easter myself, so I’m just hoping to get some things done around the house and rest as much as possible.  Prof took the night off last night, so today you’ll have me all to yourself.  Deal with it.



Twins 11, Tigers 5Scouts: The Twins offense came alive as they were able to tie up first place with the Tigers.  8 walks eventually took their toll on the Tigers as the Twins took advantage.

Pirates 3, Red Sox 4Scouts: The Sox picked up 3 runs in the 8th in crazy fashion to come back against the Pirates.  I don’t recall a team coming “this” close to ending a threat so many times in one inning and continuing to come up short.


Dodgers 0, Cubs 4Scouts: The Cubs got some mighty big dongs out of Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell as Brett Anderson shut down the Dodgers.


Rangers 8, Angels 3Scouts: Yu Darvish reminded us all of what he is capable of going 7 innings, giving up just 5 hits, and striking out 10.  LA picked up all 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th when the game was long past over.


White Sox 10, Indians 4Scouts: The White Sox were supposed to be one of the worst teams in the league while the Indians are supposed to be one of the best.  Now the Indians hold just a half game lead over the Sox who opened the game with a 5 spot in the first and never looked back.


Rays 2, Yankees 3 Scouts: Luis Severino racked up 11 K’s and Aaron Hicks managed a homer from each side of the plate to give the Yankees a sweep.  I was going to post the video, but it’s full of John Sterlins who just won’t shut the fuck up.  I just can’t subject you to that.

Orioles 2, Blue Jays 1Scouts: The Jays who are already struggling with their worst start ever at 1-8 just lost Josh Donaldson to a leg injury.  This is the second injury this week for Donaldson.  Zach Britton picks up consecutive save number 53 which is third in MLB history.

Brewers 5, Reds 1Scouts: Ryan Braun and Eric Thames got out of the kitchen and into the fire picking up big Taters and multiple RBI’s each.

Mets 9, Marlins 8 Scouts: The Mets are playing not like the Mets.  After giving up 4 in the first, they respond with 4 in the second and 2 in the third.  They eventually gave up another 5 in the 5th and the game went into extra, extra,extra overtime.  Travis d’Arnaud sent the remaining fans home pissed as he hit a solo in the top of the 16th.  But it’s all good in Miama as Jeffrey Loria might be the next Ambassador to France.


Athletics 1, Royals 3Scouts: Is it right that we are only 10 or so games into the season and I just don’t really care about this game?


Rockies 2, Giants 1Scouts: Colorado is a surprising 7-4 but might have to go it without their top pitcher as Jon Gray left in the 3rd after aggravating a big toe injury.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 4/13/17

    1. Today is also the anniversary of William Howard Taft throwing out the first pitch of the season. And the anniversary of the first publication of a murder mystery, Edgar Allen Poe’s Murders at the Rue Morgue.


  1. The vaunted Feesh Maginot Line boolpen has been about as effective as Laetrille so far this season. And obviously, the new owners are going to have to move the seats back if they want Macondo Banana Massacre Field to contain Wei-Yin Chen. Chen served up a pair of beachballs last night, yielding six runs on seven hits in three innings. We figger he needs about another twenty feet of outfield all around.

    The Feesh Rallye Cat has been adopted by one of their employees, who promptly developed ringworm.

    And in other news we can now confirm that, yes, a live scorpion did indeed crawl out of an overhead bin, fell on and stung a passenger on a flight by United, The Airline with the Pole up its Ass™. Here’s the link: http://wreg.com/2017/04/13/scorpion-stings-united-passenger-after-falling-from-overhead-bin/

    This story was originally buried by the more famous one that happened on the same day, when United sent three Chicago airport security stormtroopers onboard one of its flights to beat the living shit out of a 69 year old passenger who refused to be bumped. That passenger has since hired one of the top lawyers at suing airlines to bring actions against United, the Airport Authority and the three sub-simians who beat him up.

    Oh, and the Feesh also need to reshuffle their rotation because today’s intended starter, Adam Conley, coughed up the game-losing chubby gopher last night.


  2. Did I call it yesterday or what? The dirty damn Gods pulled the game off my local cable station (replacing it with a basketball game to add insult to injury) so that I wouldn’t see the Twins pull back into a first place tie by finally getting to the Tiger’s adorable bullpen early enough. I mean eight walks and five dingers, how utterly precious.

    Tonight’s game is on, as a delayed broadcast starting at midnight (MIDNIGHT!). These filthy deities are too cute by half. If the game is rained out, at least I’ll know that one of them is on my side.


  3. Thanks for the Men at Work clips Scouts, good memories there. And, yes, I come from a land Down Under… (if anyone needs a translation of that song’s lyrics, just ask)


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