40 year old Japanese University student’s Baseball dream come true

Image result for 東大40歳右腕 夢の神宮マウンドへ 15日FL慶大戦先発決定
Ito Kazushi, showing his fighting pose.

Something you don’t see very often these days, Ito Kazushi is a 40 year old college student (3rd year) currently attending Tokyo University this summer, and will soon be making his pitching debut on the mound tomorrow against Kyoto University.

Born on August 19, 1976… Kazushi-san has no experience playing Baseball during his junior and highschool years, as he focused mainly on his studies to become a professional doctor… He eventually graduated, got his professional license in his age of 30’s, and worked in a hospital where his specialty is about perioperative medicine and anesthesia administration after going through many trials and errors in his life.

Even with all that, he always wanted to play Baseball, leading him to attend Tokyo University (his mostly preferred) to make his dream come true on becoming a player.

In his upcoming game, he is pretty nervous knowing it’ll be his debut (and being the oldest member of them all in the team), but will ultimately focus to lead his team to victory.

Kazushi’s (who is right-handed by the way) pitches aren’t really that overwhelming, as his fastball velocity ranges just around the 130 kph, but is pretty okay with his secondary pitches.

Very awesome story overall, plus too on achieving his longing Baseball dream, I’d certainly vote for a movie adaptation of his story, if not an anime one.

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