He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/11/17

Prof:  Sorry, guys, I’m too tired to write in-depth recaps today. Try to get some quick and dirty for ya, though.

Scouts: Sorry gang, I don’t have much for you either today.  I think I did myself in with that long Thor rant yesterday.  How about you all just talk amongst yourselves today?


Mets 14, Phillies 4Prof:  Matt Harvey left the game with some sort of unannounced medical emergency. I’m going to be professional here and not say another word. But if you follow me on Twitter you know what I was gonna say.


Brewers 4, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Wow, what a rough start to the season for Toronto.  Sure there’s plenty of time to pull themselves out of it, but 1-6 is a deep hole when you are in a very tough division.

Rangers 5, Angels 6Scouts: It’s the second straight comeback for the Halos as Carlos Perez wins this one with the ever popular walk-off bunt.  The Angels came back down 5-0 in the 7th.


Braves 4, Marlins 8Prof: The Marlins had a rally cat last night. Also, people who claim to be fans of the Braves but are clearly aliens from another planet took to Twitter en masse to show their collective butts. Again, if you follow me on Twitter you already read my rant. Also, Bartolo Colon stunk it up out there yesterday. 35 pitches for the first inning alone. Yikes. That’s like half a Maddux game, you guys.

Reds 6, Pirates 2Prof: What’s gotten into the Reds lately? Oh, I know what it is. IT’S MY BOY, SCOOTER GENNETT, THAT’S WHAT. Scoots Magoots had three hits, and a three-run homer to bust through and power Cincinatti to victory. That’s my boy!

Astros 7, Mariners 5Scouts: Evan Gattis picked up a 3 run double to highlight a 4 run sixth which was the difference maker in this one.  Seattle falls to 2-7 and it’s not hard to see why.  Nelson Cruz is now 6-34 and Robinson is 9-36.  The team collectively is batting .197/.275/.229/.574.  Yikes.

Diamondbacks 4, Giants 3 –  Scouts: The Giants, down 4-0 picked up 1 in the 8th and 2 in the 9th to fall just short of a late comeback against Arizona.  Seriously, is Diamondbacks the worst team name in all of professional sports?  It’s so long and unwieldy and the short version sounds like an insult.

White Sox 1, Indians 2 F/10Prof:  No one wanted to win. And a big free agent signing is not working out so great for the Magical Land of Cleve. Edwin Enarnacion is 0-11 with runners on, and batting well under .200. I know it’s early days yet, when you sign a monster contract on the strength of your bat, and then your bat flies the coop…


Cardinals 3, Nationals 8Prof:  Daniel Murphy is going gangbusters out in Washington. He clearly didn’t lose anything during the offseason as far as intensity goes. Murph hit a homer, doubled twice, and drove in five RBI. Matt Wieters and Jayson Werth also smacked a home run a piece in the win.

Orioles 1, Red Sox 8 Scouts: This game just pissed me off.  After blowing it big time against the Yankees two days prior, the Orioles through a series of generally fuck-up-ery blow any chance at even keeping the game close.  Dylan Bundy pitched well, and then the usually solid bullpen came in and it all went to hell.  Errors, misplays, balls not cough that should have been.  I don’t often turn games off, but if I didn’t I likely would have thrown the remote through the wall.

Padres 2, Rockies 3Scouts: All three runs came on solo homers.

Twins 1, Tigers 2Prof:  Every time I see James McCann’s name in a box score, I immediately think it’s BRIAN McCann, formerly of my Atlanta Braves. But I know it’s not him because JAMES McCann has no ugly beard and went to Arkansas. He also snagged a hot one, going yard and helping the Tigers beat Minnesota. WPS, son! Call ’em!

13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/11/17

  1. The Tiger reliever who walked two bottom of the order guys in the seventh and then hung a braking ball which came within a few feet of the foul poll of switching the lead was pretty cute, Fernandez made a valiant effort to blow the save but was foiled by an excellent defensive play in center. But overall the Tiger bullpen wasn’t as adorable as advertised.

    Come on boys, just get Fullmer out of the game by the end of the fifth today and you should be fine.


    1. Brad had Greenie on a short leash, thank dog. Frankie is a double-agent working for the enemy. Any enemy. I pray that someone punches him during the post-game high fives.

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      1. Fight to the death, who ya got: Beautiful Brad or Dreamy Matheny? ( Made that last one up, I don’t think that much of him but, you know, the narrative)


      2. I’ve got a feeling that AA is working on a deal to bring Dyson over from the Rangers since he fits the profile of a Tiger closer so well. Maybe some guilt trip over how well the Kinsler for Fielder trade has worked out for the Tigs.


  2. Bryce Harper, hitting in front of Daniel Murphy, has reached base ten times in eleven plate appearances over these two games against the Cardinals, with five hits and five walks, including three walks and a double last night. Daniel Murphy was chosen for the on-field post-game interview because of his five RBI performance, and he was the definition of humble, team-first guy:


    In other news, the rejuvenation of Ryan Zimmerman (1.284 OPS) and Jayson Werth (1.029) continues, Gio Gonzalez, Man on a Mission To Pitch In The All-Star Game In His Hometown*, has now gone two games without his trademark meltdown, which may be a record for him, and the bullpen displayed two innings of effective competence** where only two innings were required, all good things.

    The one bit of bad news coming out of last night is another SS lost to hamstring issues, as Stephen Drew pulled up lame running to first. His injury looks a bit more serious than Trea Turner’s, and with Turner already on the 10 day DL, this is going to mean Wilmer Difo will be starting at SS for a week or so, and someone is getting his first taste of the majors to be the utility guy.

    *Hialeah’s only 10 miles from Marlins Park
    ** Blake Treinen got the 9th in a five run game, and promptly walked the leadoff hitter, but managed to get a double play grounder and then another grounder to end the game, so I’ll allow it.

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      1. Word Press updates throw us all for a loop, SG. Half the time I think I’m doing something that a I’ve always done and it does not work anymore bc WP updated again.

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        1. Oh well…

          Everyone pretend there’s one asterisk next to the “Hialeah’s only 10 miles from Marlins Park” statement above, so it ties into the single asterisk I put next to “Hometown”, then.


  3. Fernando Rodney, put your effing cap on straight, ya moron. And stop with that lame archery pose. And enjoy those saves, you’ll need those memories to cling to when the rest of your season tanks.

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