He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/10/17

Scouts: Let’s talk about the amazing new Thor trailer that dropped yesterday.  If you haven’t seen it, click below.  If you have seen it, watch it again!  I’m going to be honest with you all here.  Thor hasn’t been my favorite Avenger so far.  It’s not that I don’t like Chris Hemsworth or I don’t think he’s doing a good job, it’s just that the character is so…..dull.  And really I haven’t been able to understand why they continually write this guy as so dimwitted and boring.  They have all this amazing Norse mythology to tap into but instead have come up with two movies that were incredibly boring and uneventful.  I’m a huge Marvel fan and I honestly can’t tell you what happened in the second movie.  If not for the absolutely outstanding Tom Hiddleston, I’m not sure any of the movies thus far would have any redeeming value.  So to say that the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok wasn’t exactly high on my radar would be an understatement.  That is until yesterday’s fantastic trailer.  You can see Marvel is really taking the lessons learned from Guardians of the Galaxy to heart.  The trailer features plenty of action with a few well timed jokes all scored to Zepplin’s Immigrant Song.  There is a very strong 70s vibe that is really punctuated in the ending titles.  New director Taika Waititi wants to take us on a ride and for the first time with Thor I really want to go.  A lot of people have been worried that Marvel has gotten into a bit of a rut lately with Dr. Strange basically being a copy/paste of the first Iron Man.  Uninspired villains, strange white-washing, a hero that you just don’t really get into all that much, and a story that’s just the same you’ve seen a half dozen times now.  Iron man was always the traditional action flick.  Captain America was the spy thriller.  GoG is the campy comedy, and it looks like Thor is finally settling into a place of it’s own, even if it’s basically living in GoG’s shadow.  Personally, I’m okay with this.  I want to see Loki flipping knives like a badass leading an army into battle.  I want to see Thor with his chopped off hair shocking everyone with his pleasure at gladiator opponent.  And holy shit does Jeff Glodblum look like he’s gonna nail the shit out of Grandmaster.  For the first time, I’m actually excited for a Thor movie.  Something I never thought would be possible.  I don’t care if the trailer was half spoilers.  I’m 100% in.

Mets 4, Phillies 3 – Jay Bruce, who the Mets were actively and publicly shopping with zero interest his hit a pair of home runs for 3 of the Met’s 4 runs.  Bruce has now hit 3 jacks in his past two games.

Dodgers 2, Cubs 3 – The Cubs celebrated their banner-raising ceremony with a walk-off party!  Anthony Rizzo hit the game winner after a two hour rain delay pushed the game into the wee hours.

Astros 0, Mariners 6Prof:  What’s up, James Paxton? Maybe the Seattle pitcher is kryptonite for Houston, shutting down the Astros for the second time in this young season. Nelson Cruz hit a two run single in the fifth inning to put the Mariners ahead. But it wasn’t all roses for the M’s; Jean Segura strained his right hamstring and had to leave the game.

Cardinals 6, Nationals 14 – Bryce Harper went 4-4 with 2 walks and 3 RBI as the Nats put up a 7 spot in the 8th to absolutely demolish the Cardinals.  Adam Wainwright is now 0-2 after giving up 11 hits and 6 runs in just 4 innings.  It feels like it’s going to be a very up and down season for the Nats.

Reds 7, Pirates 1 – Tyler Glasnow lasted just 1.2 innings giving up 5 runs off 5 walks and 4 hits.

Rays 1, Yankees 8Prof:  Did y’all hear that Michael Pineda threw a perfecto deep into the seventh inning? Well, he did. He got jinxed by Martha Stewart, though. If you believe in that sort of thing. Or, more likely, his slider met up with a sharp eyed Evan Longoria, who smacked a double with two outs.  The Yanks got some heavy artillery from Aaron Judge, Chase Headley, and Starlin Castro.

Red Sox 1, Tigers 2Prof:  A real gem was pitched in Comerica Park yesterday, with Chris Sale head to head against Justin Verlander. A slight misstep by John Farrell to keep Sale on the mound led to an Ian Kinsler homer, and a Tigers win. But even though Sale gets the loss, he still pitched an excellent game. In related news, the Red Sox are battling a flu epidemic. If the opposing team against the Tigers get sick, y’all know who to blame.

Athletics 2, Royals 0Prof:  It was a rough day for Kansas City. This was their home opener after some rather funky games already in this short season. The pregame began with a tribute to their late ace and emotional team anchor Yordano Ventura, who was killed in an automobile accident during the offseason. After the tribute to Ventura, the Royals went on to play some highly anemic baseball. Oakland is reaping the benefits of Khris Davis, who hit his fourth home run of the year and gave the A’s all the leverage they needed.

Diamondbacks 1, Giants 4Prof:  Scary moment in the first inning of this matchup when San Francisco star catcher Buster Posey was drilled in the helmet by a fastball and had to leave the game as a precaution. Nick Hundley took his place and the game continued. In the fourth inning, the Giants capitalized on some prime Gritty Snake behavior to earn three more runs (overthrown, passed balls, and two errors. What did I say? ‘Zona gonna zone).

Padres 5, Rockies 3 – Wil Myers decided to open the season with a bang, hitting for the cycle, just the second player in Padre history to do so.  Do people not care about hitting for the cycle anymore?  Seems like it’s never big news when someone does so.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/10/17

  1. Sorry, Prof, but I’m not as bear-ish on the Nats as you might be this year. It’s only been a week, and they’re 4-3 even including the One Night Only Last Hurrah Fantasy Camp that was Jeremy Guthrie’s start on Saturday night. I think they’ll get their bullpen (arguably their only weakness) figured out in due time, and if they convince Bryce Harper to never ever dive into first base again like in the video above, they’ll be in contention.

    Last night’s game had a bit of a Little League feel to it, as there were hits, walks, and and errors a-plenty; the Nats’ infield even managed to achieve the error cycle, with an E-3, an E-4, an E-5, and an E-6, all in the first five innings, but the momentum of the game turned on this double play started by Stephen Drew, subbing for the injured Trea Turner:


    The Nats challenged the call of safe at first and won, forced Wainwright from the game in the bottom of the 5th, then scored a bajillion runs in the 8th to turn it into a laugher.

    Speaking of the bullpen, it was noted during the game that Shawn Kelley, not Blake Treinen, was warming in the bottom of the 8th when it was a save situation, and Kelley did get the 9th anyway (because he was warm). Kelley also yielded his third HR of the year in the 9th, so if there’s a competition for the closer’s job, it’s definitely not his yet.


      1. Also, regarding my comments, I simply meant that it seems like they are going to either win big or lose big a lot this year. I’m sure they will still be one of, if not the best team in the division, but it seems they are going to fluctuate between good and what the hell a bit this year.

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      1. I’ll concede that a reliable closer has yet to surface on this team, despite Treinen’s 3 saves in 4 opportunities performance so far.

        There’s wishcasting that because Treinen’s main pitch (98 mph sinker) is not unlike Zach Britton’s, that Mr. Wieters can expedite Treinen’s development into a closer, since he had a hand in Britton’s development, or so the local beat writers say. (Waits for Scouts to tear apart this theory…)

        If that doesn’t pan out, Glover’s got the stuff to be a closer, and maybe more of the aggressive makeup required for the job, but he also lacks experience.

        After that, well there’s always the July trade…

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        1. Granted, Scout has a better idea of the value of Wieters, but I was always under the impression that he worked well with young pitchers. What I am concerned about is…. what’s going on that Mike Maddux can’t work his magic? That guy is about as good as they get without getting Dave Duncan or his holiness Leo Mazzone.


        2. Outside of The Guthrie Nightmare Experiment, the starting pitching has been pretty good so far; Tanner Roark’s the worst of the four starters, according to FIP, and he’s at 2.42.

          I think the chief problem with the bullpen so far has been youth and inexperience. Glover and Solis made an Opening Day roster for the first time in their short careers, Treinen is in a new role, and Enny Romero is a left-handed Nuke LaLoosh, without the Crash Davis effect. Solis and Glover were both effective in their most recent outings, the older guys in the bullpen have been fine for the most part, and I think all it’s going to take is a little bit of success and the confidence that comes with it to make this bullpen something worthy of a contender.

          Or it could all come crashing down by the end of April, and the Nats will have to win games 12-10 after taking 9-3 leads into the 7th.

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  2. Our boys of summer didn’t play yesterday so the damn dirty Gods saw fit to inflict an April snow storm here, but now the sun is shinning, the snow almost gone, and our boys are drawing ever closer to that adorable Tiger bullpen.

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