He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/9/17

Prof:  Sorry I didn’t post the weekend scores; I’m still working on unpacking my apartment and was really stressed out from work last week, so I skipped out on Saturday and went exploring. Still getting into form – sadly, there is no Spring Training for bloggers, and I was on the DL for a while. I’m gonna be rusty, you know?


Nationals 3, Phillies 4Prof: Since I missed out on the weekend scores, I can discuss the total and complete ass kicking that the Nats took against the Phillies. And also, the fact that the Nats nearly got taken out on Friday night after having a very secure and comfortable lead! I was at a B-Dubs enjoying some chicken wings and caught the tail end of the MASN broadcast. I don’t know if I’m projecting here, or what, but it sure seemed like Jayson Werth had no love for Daniel Murphy. At least that’s what I got from a Werth interview after the game on Friday. I mean, I know Werthy is a bit of a prickly dude, but this felt different. I don’t know. It just seems that every year, the Nats are The Team To Beat ™, and every year, things are pear shaped for them. Anyway, the Phillies have no business beating Washington, especially Stephen Strasburg, who allowed five hits and three runs.

Scouts: Should we talk about that 17 run shellacking that the Nats took on Saturday night?  Jeremy Guthrie now has a 135 ERA on the season after giving up 10 runs, 4 walks, 6 hits, and coaxing just 2 outs for the game.  At least for Nats fans it happened early enough where you could turn the game off and go about your day quickly but good lord.  It’s the PHILLIES man!


Braves 5, Pirates 6 F/10Prof:  Freddie Freeman was his usual self. Two home runs, but one little misstep and everyone wants to pile on him. I mean, sure, he bobbled a catch from Julio Teheran to allow Starling Marte to go to second and set up scoring opportunities for the Buccos, but I am not going to slam Freddie for that. Not when he went 4-5. Charlie’s dad is the only reason the Braves get on the board half the time. I’m not going to beat him up for a mistake, even when it’s a big one. Especially when Brandon Phillips did the same damn thing. Then there’s Chaz Roe, who can’t pitch and yet he’s out there on the bump for Atlanta on the reg. Can’t blame Freddie for that. Oh, and Marte is shaping up to be a Braves killer. Gotta watch out for that.


Cubs 7, Brewers 4 – Jake Arrieta celebrated his 100th start with Chicago in style striking out 10 batters over 7 innings.  He did let Ryan Braun get to him a little giving up a 3 run jack.  Still it was no match for the Cubs offense who put up enough runs in the first two innings to win the game.

Twins 4, White Sox 1 – A good time to be a Twins fan, Ervin Santana threw for 6 shutout innings as Jorge Polanco and Miguel Sano hit a few dongs.  Jose Quintana recovered from his very rough Opening Day start but still has managed to start the season 0-2.  Chicago’s going to be pretty not good this year gang.  That’s right, you heard it here first.

A’s 1, Rangers 8Prof: Adrian Beltre is out for a bit with a wonky right calf, but Texas is doing okay for themselves in his absence, because young Joey Gallo is manning third and doing a hell of a job in the meantime. Gallo belted in a career-high five RBI, including a three run homer, to lift the Rangers above Oakland.

Red Sox 7, Tigers 5 – Histo’s wishing it would rain again.  At least that way the bullpen isn’t coughing up 4 runs in the 8th.  Hey Histo, tell your GM to call my GM.  You need bullpen and we need starters.  Let’s make something happen.

Blue Jays 2, Rays 7Prof:  Jake Odorizzi and Marco Estrada went head to head and Odorizzi won the day as the Rays won the series against Toronto at the Trop. Toronto’s Josh Donaldson continues to have issues with his right calf – he left the game in the sixth inning because of tightness this time around. Steven Souza Jr. continues to mash, hitting a three run homer.

Yankees 7, Orioles 3 – I don’t know who showed up to Camden Yards yesterday, but it certainly wasn’t Darren O’Day.  The third game in a row blown by the bullpen, this time it was the Orioles turn to give a game away late.

Royals 4, Astros 5 F/12 – Evan Gattis took the term walk-off literally, working a bases loaded walk in extras.

Indians 2, Diamondbacks 3Prof:  Land of Cleve, what happened? Y’all allowed the Gritty Snakes to sweep you! Even you, Corey Kluber. What happened? Patrick Corbin threw six scoreless frames and showed a glimpse of the skill that impressed me several years ago before he remembered that he’s a pitcher for Arizona. But we are barely into the season, and things will even out. Cleveland will get back to their winning ways, and Arizona will… oh, who knows? On paper they ought to be decent but we all know that ‘Zona gonna zone.

Reds 8, Cardinals 0Prof:  The Reds have a weak bench and an even weaker pitching staff. So weak that they called up the desiccated corpse of Bronson Arroyo! But here’s Cincinnati shutting out the Cardinals, allowing them to take two of three for the series. Joey Votto did Joey Votto things, including going yard in the sixth inning, while Adam Duvall went 3-4 with two runs of his own.

Dodgers 10, Rockies 6 – 16 runs and only 4 of them came off the long ball.  Damn fascists.  The chicks did not dig this one.

Mariners 9, Angels 10Prof: Angels were in the outfield. And the infield. And all over the place in the ninth inning, when they made up a six run deficit to defeat Seattle. The Mariners wasted a good outing from Robinson Cano – who hit a three run homer and a two run double – by allowing the Angels to come back in a crazy way.


Giants 5, Padres 3 – The Giants picked up their second win of the season off Johnny Cueto’s 7 inning 2 run performance.  Hunter Pence and Buster Posey both went bombs away.

Marlins 2, Mets 5 – Thor strikes out 9 over 7 and gave up just 1 earned run.

15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/9/17

  1. Odorizzi pitched a nice game last night. 2 hits, 2 runs in the 1st inning, then absolutely nothing for 51/3.. The Jays look, somehow, completely unready for the start of the season.

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  2. I’m writing off Saturday night’s debacle to some weird desire the Nats had to reward an aging vet with a Fantasy Camp trip on his birthday, except this was a real game. Joe Blanton was the real hero on Saturday, soaking up three innings to keep some of the bullpen inactive, and Oliver Perez gets a second star for eating two innings, even though he wasn’t terribly effective.

    The bigger news out of Saturday was Trea Turner leaving the game in the top of the first with a hamstring issue. Word is it’s not serious, and he’s day to day (aren’t we all?), but that’s a bigger concern for me than Guthrie.

    As to the bullpen, they’ve got at least four guys who can get it up there at 95mph or more, so it’s just a matter of figuring out if they’ve got the mental makeup to throw strikes in late inning situations. I’d rather not have so many inexperienced talented guys out there, but they’ve got to get their experience somehow, and April’s a better time for it than August in a pennant race.


  3. “Diamondbacks, Twins, Reds, Angels, Rays are all division leaders

    All of them won fewer than 75 games last season”
    From ESPN Stats.

    Ain’t Baseball wunnerful?

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  4. The last time the Twins started 4 – 0 was, can you stand it, the worst to first year 1987.

    The strange attractor made an appearance here, but instead of acting on the Twins it pulled the White Sox to 2 – 3.

    I swear I’m not making this up – The moment after the Twins got the last out in Sunday’s game it started thundering and raining here. Dissent among the Gods?

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