The Strange Attractor is Ba-a-a-a-ack….

Yesterday the Fightin’ Feesh clawed their way back to equilibrated mediocrity with a 7-2 pounding of returning DL habitue Zack Wheeler and the Mutts at Chittyfield.  After the game Wheeler admitted he didn’t have his best stuff, which must have been a glass-half-full moment for the Flushing faithful. Even Little Wilpoon managed not to dribble on his bib over it.

The slightly adjusted outfield fences still proved sufficiently capacious to contain the ballistic hijinks of Wei-Yin Chen, who, remarkably, did not cough up a single gopher, just an RBI single to Curtis Granderson in the first inning. After that, Chen settled in and low-mained the Flushing Fabs with no more runs scored, five Ks and hit the bench before his luck could run out. Of course the Rainbow Warriors’ Maginot Line Boolpen allowed the other Mutts run of the night, an 8th inning gravity’s rainbow by Yoenis Cespedes orf Feesh roadblocker Wittgren.

The Feesh welcomed Christian Yelich’s first dinger of the season, a two run Carlton Fisk inverse impersonation orf the right field foul pole in the third.

Of course the beeeeg news last night was that, having evened their record at 2-2, the Macondo Nine heard, for the first time since last August, the subcutaneous hummmmmmmmm of the strange attractor, proving that chaos theory in Macondo is as applicable to what goes on on the field as it is to the front orifice. Welcome back!

Image result for images of strange attractors

Here’s looking at you, kid.

3 thoughts on “The Strange Attractor is Ba-a-a-a-ack….

  1. Does the strange attractor only work in a downward direction, or can it work in an upward direction, pulling teams upwardly closer to a moderately sub 500 position? If so, does it like lutefisk?


    1. The strange attractor consistently refers only to itself, kinda like a benign Donald Trump. If a team is over .500 it draws it down. If a team is below .500 it would draw the record even. it can’t get out of its own way. Fun, huh?

      You could throw lutefisk into it and see what happens. My guess? It would emit x-rays.


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