He Said, She Said – Scores for 4/6/17

Prof:  Happy Friday, everyone! I recently saw the critically acclaimed movie “Get Out” and fam, if you haven’t seen it yet, you gotta. It was fantastic. I’m not really much of a horror movie person, but this was so well done. There wasn’t too much gore and guts until the very end, and even that wasn’t too much. I had to cover my eyes twice, and then only partially. Even knowing a few of the spoilers, I was still surprised and delighted by the plot and the ingenious, fiendishly sinister things that happened in this movie. Just wonderful. Catherine Keener was so… well, I can’t describe it or else I might spoil some stuff for you, but her performance was great. Everyone’s was. This was a really fantastic film. If you like movies that make you think and want to hunt for hidden clues and really turns tropes on its head, then “Get Out” is for you.

Scouts: Yesterday we lost a comedy legend.  I struggle to really write much about him, because anything I type simply does not feel like it does him any justice at all.  The man transcended being a legend.  All I can really say is read what some others have written about him, and take some time to watch as many videos as you possibly can.  It’s time WELL spent.  RIP you bastard.

You know what else is for you? This column. Now, on with the scores:

Giants 3, Diamondbacks 9 – Jeff Samardzija got tagged for 6 runs as David Peralta and Paul Goldschmidt went back-to-back and Jake Lamb hit himself a 3 run dong.

Phillies 4, Reds 7Prof:  Scout complained that I take all the good games and leave him with the Reds and the Athletics. Well, I’m going to take this Reds game and leave him a few good games and see what he does with them. Oh, by the way, the Reds won a game! And it’s on my favorite thing of all – a pitcher batting. The Reds have a really sad bench right now, and so for a pitch hitter they had to turn to a relief pitcher, Michael Lorenzen. Lorenzen stepped up, and stepped out, by hitting a solo homer that broke a tie and propelled Cincinnati to a win.

Angels 1, Athletics 5Prof:  Here, I’m taking this A’s game, too. Bite me.  Even though the A’s won handily, there’s really not much to say here. Mike Trout went 0-3 and had a blunder in the outfield, and Khris Davis helped lead Oakland to a win to split the series.

Cubs 6, Cardinals 4 – I dunno.  Some teams that no one seems to care about much played a game.  Whatever.  Oh yea, Yadier Molina dropped a third strike which led to a Kyle Schwarber three-run dinger.  Sleepville.

Braves 2, Mets 6 – You know who the Braves need?  Ryan Howard.  That’ll really put them over the top.

Royals 3, Twins 5Prof:  Happy, break out the party poppers, pal, your Twins have won a series! I’m excited about the performance of Max Kepler, who reached base three times and knocked in an RBI as well with a timely double. Kepler is someone I’ve been interested in for a while, mostly because he’s a German national in the big leagues. I have a soft spot for Europeans who play our National Pastime.

Rockies 2, Brewers 1Prof:  Keon Broxton is lucky. It might not seem like it, but he is very lucky to not have had his head split right open after taking a pitch to the head during his at-bat.

For Colorado, it only took a few days for Nolan Arenado’s homer machine to kick back on, but he finally got it in the ninth inning of this game.

Tigers 2, White Sox 11Prof:  Hey, James Shields! You won a game in Chicago! That’s quite the accomplishment considering that you didn’t do much of that last season. Is this a sign of things to come under new manager Rick Renteria? Or was it a fluke because the Tigers weren’t using Verlander or Michael Fulmer? Only time will tell. Also, former Cub catcher Geovany Soto hit two home runs for his new team across town.

Padres 2, Dodgers 10 – Puig hit his second and third homers in the blowout as the Padres have now gotten walloped twice in this very young season.

Marlins 4, Nationals 3 F/10 – The Nats’ bullpen hasn’t looked so solid so far, giving up all 4 runs in the final three innings.  They have more members with a 5.40 or higher ERA than below.  Ouch.

Mariners 4, Astros 2 – Seattle gets their first win late with a 2-run single by Jarrod Dyson in the 9th.

Blue Jays 5, Rays 2Prof:  Marcus Stroman pitched 6 1/2 quality innings, Jason Grilli gets a save even after a wild pitch, and Kendrys Morales hit a well timed grand slam to cause Toronto fans to say, “Edwin who?”.

Pirates, Red Sox – PPD

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores for 4/6/17

  1. I’m not too worried about the Nats’ bullpen. Yeah, the numbers don’t look good on paper yet, but it’s early, and they haven’t looked terrible, and cold weather, and rain delays, and the Nats are 2-1, and I’ll take a .667 winning percentage all the way to October.

    Last night’s game felt like one the Fish deserved to win. A 4:05 planned start on getaway day isn’t ideal (although both teams were hopping buses up I-95 afterwards, with the Nats headed to Phily and the Fish to NYC), but a rain delay pushed the start back to 5:25, and then another rain delay and an extra inning had the game ending around 10PM. Gio pitched well, but the Nats only managed three solo HRs, and their bullpen (Shawn Kelley, most especially) wasn’t lights out, and the Marlins got properly rewarded with a win in the game they outhit the Nats 14-8.

    Closer-in-training Blake Treinen picked up his first BS of the year. Sammy Solis started the ninth, gave up a walk, a bloop single, and then got a double play. On comes Treinen with a runner on third and two outs, and Tyler Moore hits a single back up the middle to tie it. I’m sure there’s rending of garments and wailing and gnashing of teeth going on amongst some fans right now, but I’m not one of them.

    The bullpen will be fine, I believe; the lack of a long man is a concern (although Blanton should be able to do in a pinch) and they’ll need Max Scherzer to do Scherzer things today in Philly, so as not to have too many guys pitching two days in a row, but I think they’ll be fine.


  2. Pretty lackluster effort by the Astros last night. I was at the game. They started with what has become their usual bang of a leadoff homer by Springer. But just not a lot of hard hit balls last night. It was subs night in the lineup; I think that they had won three in the series, so Hinch was willing to let the utility/backup guys play and just let the chips fall. Early on it felt like an Astros win; but after they loaded the bases in the fifth with no outs and then didn’t score, you felt the shift in momentum.

    So far the Astros’ bats – with the exceptions of Springer and Marwin Gonzalez, have not woken up anything like expected. It’s early, but some big bats are pretty much AWOL. Pitching has been more adequate through four to support the hoped-for hitting surge (as soon as one occurs).

    And Ken Giles continues as his erratic self. That big trade with Philly last year looks more and more like a non-starter for both teams.


  3. I’ve been pondering what’s changed since last year’s 0 – 9 start and this year’s 3 – 0. The fact that they’ve scored 21 runs while only allowing 5 is probably of some relevance, but what jumped out for me is the fact that this year I had a bowl of chocolate ice cream during each of the games. Last year I went on a health kick and decided vodka and cigarettes yes, chocolate ice cream no.

    Hughes is pitching tonight. It will have to be a big bowl.


  4. I would just like to say that we are 6 days into the season, and I have yet to see a Tigers game all the way through. This season sucks already. Thanks, Trump.


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