He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/5/17

Scouts: Netflix has done away with the 5 star rating system and introduced a new Thumbs up, Thumbs down system which is in a word: Stupid.  No one seems to be happy about the change, but Netflix has a history of ignoring customer feedback to do whatever they want to do.  Netflix is claiming the new system is increasing user rating activity by 200%.  Users are saying the system does not allow them to tell Netflix how much or how little they like a particular show or film which will over time lead to less accurate predictions of what people like.  In reality it’s just a way for Netflix to try to convince you to watch content that just isn’t very good.  A lot of users are already reporting they are receiving 90%+ ratings on shows they have previously voted as 1 star.  With Netflix seeming to lose more and more quality content every day,  having the ability to distinguish between a terrible Amy Shumer standup and a fantastic Dave Chappelle standup is increasingly important.  (For the record, I like Amy Shumer and love her old stand-ups, I just thought the last one was particularly horrible.)  Sadly we may be seeing the end of the great streaming debate as content owners are beginning to refuse to deal with Netflix in favor of starting up their own services, services that no one seems to want.  As a result the convenience of having everything you want to watch in one place for one reasonable price is beginning to fade due to corporate greed and consumers are already beginning to turn back to downloading illegally.  This is the same painful lesson the music industry had to learn not all that long ago.  If you make it exceptionally difficult or exceptionally expensive for people to consume your product, they will turn to the easiest method and download illegally.  The music industry had Apple and iTunes to help solidify the damage.  The movie/TV industry already has Netflix, however the content owners seem to want to focus on taking too large a piece of the pie, and in the end they will be cutting off their own noses to spite their face.

Mariners 3, Astros 5 – We have a walk-off folks!  George Sprinter who tied the game with a 2-run double in the 7th finished it off with a 3-run dinger in the 13th.

Giants 6, Diamondbacks 8Prof:  This has nothing to do with the actual game, but I think I found out what happened to Zack Greinke, you guys.

ZG has OBVIOUSLY been possessed by a murderer’s spirit. A murderer who doesn’t know how to pitch.

Indians 9, Rangers 6Prof:  The Indians start out the year strong. Francisco Lindor isn’t real. He’s an alien from a different dimension sent here to crush baseballs and the hearts of everyone in the American League. This dude smashed a grand slam in the 9th inning to push the dagger into the Rangers, sweeping them at home.

Angels 5, A’s 0 – Not really a lot to say about this game.  Danny Espinosa picks up two more RBI on a single.  Garrett Richards shut out the Athletics for 4 2/3 before leaving with a bicep cramp.

Padres 1, Dodgers 3 – Rich Hill gave up 1 run on 2 hits in 5 innings.  Yasiel Puig hit a solo home run.

Royals 1, Twins 9Prof: Happy, your guys are on fire! I know this is a small sample size but wow! Six runs scored in the seventh inning shut it down for Minnesota, including a bases loaded triple from Miguel Sano.

Blue Jays 1, Orioles 3 – Dylan Bundy looked really strong going 7 innings shutting down the Jays while striking out 8.  (I expect a breakout year from Bundy.)  The O’s got homers from Adam Jones and Chris Davis.  Zach Britton was able to induce a 1 out bases loaded double play to end the game.  Britton now has 50 consecutive saves.

Marlins 4, Nationals 6 – This was a sloppy game all around on both sides.  Tanner Roark recovered from a disastrous first inning to shut down the Marlins the rest of the way.  Miami made a few mistakes in the fourth that ultimately lead to their demise.  Don Mattingly is the first manager to get ejected in this very young season.

Pirates 0, Red Sox 3Prof: This was Chris Sale’s first outing for Boston, and he cut deep. Get it? Hahaha. A guy named Sandy Leon drove in all the runs that the Sox needed in this game. I keep thinking of a cute little stuffed lion with a name like Sandy Leon. Sorry, you guys, I’m actually 10 years old.

Braves 3, Mets 1 F/12Prof:  Bartolo Colon made his return to Flushing against his old team. Mets fans gave him a warm welcome. He defeats Jacob deGrom, but neither pitcher got the decision.

Phillies 0, Reds 2 – I think that Prof and I have to have a talk about the division of labor around here.  Since she always starts these posts, she gets to comment on all the fun games and leaves the Athletics and Reds games for me.  I kid of course, but sometimes there just isn’t much to say about a game.

Yankees 1, Rays 4 – Corey Dickerson went 2-4 with 2 RBI and a lead-off homer.

Rockies 1, Brewers 6Prof:  Wily Peralta came out and pitched five good innings, already showing marked improvement from last year. My boy Scooter Gennett’s replacement, Jonathan Villar, hit a home run to help propel the Brew Crew over Colorado.

Cubs, Cardinals – PPD

Tigers, White Sox – PPD – Prof:  Large portions of the country had severe weather, including the Midwest. Not sure what the Cubs will do to make up the game, but the White Sox will play a double header next time they meet up with Detroit Rock City.

13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 4/5/17

  1. Just so you know, it’s Scout who likes Amy Schumer. I have literally never laughed at a single thing she’s said or done. Not an exaggeration.


  2. Closer-in-training Blake Treinen got his second save in two chances for the Nats last night, but it wasn’t automatic, as he yielded two two out singles sandwiched around a defensive indifference to allow the Marlins to bring the tying run to the plate in the form of Christian Yelich. The sadist in me was kinda hoping for a blown save at this point, if only so I could sit back and troll the nervous nellies in the comments section of the WaPo online sports pages (Panic! We need a Proven Closer(tm)! Dusty Sucks!), but Treinen struck out Yelich on a nasty changeup, so it was not to be.

    In other news, the corpse of Ryan Zimmerman is showing flashes of being reanimated, which is a good thing because he’s too young to be fading so fast. He homered last night, and combined with a couple of singles on Monday he’s off to a decent start.

    Donnie Baseball’s ejection came after David Dietrich got plunked for the second time in the game, after Dee Gordon had also been hit by a pitch. Tanner Roark was wild early, and he got Dietrich and Gordon both in the 2nd inning; Enny “Nuke” Romero then hit Dietrich in the 7th. There’s a little bit of history here, as Dietrich styled and profiled and chirped his way around the bases last September after hitting a home run off Scherzer in Miami. Matters might’ve been settled last season during the last series in Washington, but that was after Jose Hernandez died in the boat accident, so nothing happened then. On the other hand, Romero wasn’t a Nat last season, and command is not his forte, so between that and Roark’s early wildness, it’s hard to know if there was intent.

    I guess we’ll see if there’s any retribution from the Fish today.

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  3. If Netflix insists on limiting our ratings to a single digit, I suggest we all use this one.

    I believe the ghost of Mike Ilitch is working with Mother Nature to space out Tigers games so that every game this season can be started by either Verlander or Fulmer.

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  4. I must say this now before today’s game maybe kills the opportunity:

    The Horrid Twins have become the Torrid Twins. Live in the present when you can because tomorrow you may have to live in the past.

    As impressive as Sano’s triple was – he hit a pitch that barely caught the bottom of the inside corner off the opposite field wall – had he been a hitter of average strength it would have been a rally ending pop fly out, the highlight for me was Buxton’s last at bat. He came into the at bat 0 for 9 with 6 strikeouts. Instead of having to go to bed thinking oh God 0 for 10, he hit a slow grounder to short which became a hit because of his speed. If he can keep himself in the lineup by getting on base at least 30% of the time the nice start might not be a total mirage.

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    1. Happy, my lovely friend, the Cubs had their day in the sun last season. Perhaps my Twin Cities brethren will also have a great season this year? We can only hope, right?


  5. George Springer. Gotta love him. Always a little out of control; sometimes the baseball instincts betray him (diving catches on routine flyouts, caught stealings). But he loves the game. He’s fun to watch. And when he is on, HE IS ON.

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