The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

Today, I’m going to bring to your attention something that actually makes me feel bad for a Cardinal. So you know it’s terrible. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the incredible bad luck of Stephen Piscotty:

Not only did this all happen in the same day, it happened in the SAME INNING. All of this nonsense happened to Piscotty in one trip around the bases! That poor man!

This year, I vow to highlight mascots other than my favorites (Orbit, The Oriole Bird, Mr. Met, the Phanatic of course). I’m hoping other teams will step up their social media games so that I can experience the awesomeness of their mascots. My first shoutout goes to Paws, the Detroit Tiger. His account has been super cute lately. I think we all felt this way about our respective teams:

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