The Midnight Snack – Monday

Hooray – I have dug out my laptop and hooked up the Wifi, so hopefully this will be a better Snack for your reading enjoyment.

Trumbae:  Another day, another season of Mark Trumbo doing ridiculous things. It’s official, you guys. He’s my new terrible crush. Sorry, Greg. I’ll always love you, but Trumbae does stuff like this on the regular:

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I finally dig the long ball.

Magic Time:  And speaking of things I can’t believe I’m saying… How about David Ross on Dancing With The Stars? Grandpa Rossy is the first major league baseball player to be on the show, and he is doing an awesome job. Now, of course I’m going to be all over it because I love Rossy from his time with both of my teams, but I never realized how incredibly talented ol’ G-pa is! Tonight’s dance was a jazz number based off of the “Magic Mike” movies. I haven’t seen a single moment of the Magic Mike films, because I don’t care, but I do know what the gist is.

This is pretty much the essence of life. Please love yourself and help me keep Rossy on this stupid show. I need this, it’s the only thing that makes me smile these days.

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