The Midnight Snack – Thursday 

Today the city of Atlanta avoided a near tragedy when I-85 caught on fire and collapsed. Yes, the interstate caught fire and toppled to the ground. Bad timing, too, as the Cobb County Braves open White Flight Park to the public tomorrow for an exhibition game.

Traffic in the A is horrible.  Some of the worst in the country.  In fact, it was one of the reasons I decided not to move there. Traffic here is rough,  but Atlanta traffic is a hell I wouldn’t wish on an enemy or a Cardinals fan. 

The road to Sun Trust Park will be crowded anyway, and now that a major roadway is literally impassable it will be a thousand times worse.

In other news, the Angels have announced their Opening Day starter. Ricky Nolasco. I’m sorry, Angels fans.

And to end, here is some positive news. I don’t care what team you root for; if this young man’s emotional reaction to making the 40 man roster for the first time doesn’t hit you right in the feels, well then I just don’t know.

Good luck, kid! Except when you play against the Braves!

6 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Thursday 

  1. The story tonight is that what caught fire was a big cache of PVC pipe in a construction and maintenance storage area under the bridge. Since I never heard of spontaneous combustion of PVC pipe (and Buddha help my lawn sprinkler system if such a thing is possible), there’s still some gremlin out there who lit the fuse. A great urban detective story is at hand.

    So are…hahahah…hard driving times…hahahah….ahead for…hahaha…Barves fans.

    Only kidding. Like Prof, I wouldn’t wish it on Barves fans, really. Indians fans? Well now, that’s another story….


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