The Midnight Snack – Monday is a Fun Day

Hello, friends and FI Fam, and welcome back to The Midnight Snack.

A lot of stuff has happened since we last hung out. Really not worth talking about, but you might enjoy hearing a story or two about my dates with fans of teams other than mine.

Now, just so you know, I’m not looking for love here. Just a nice dude to spend time with and maybe he’s not bad on the eyes. But apparently it’s too much to ask for. You’ll see.

Buckle up, guys. It’s awful.

I went out with a younger guy who was a Nationals fan. He kinda looked like a hipster James McAvoy. We went out three times, and I thought we were getting along well. He could appreciate Freddie Freeman and we both thought Matt Harvey was just meh, and then suddenly he just… fell off the face of the earth. So, there was that. That was just sad, because Nat Boy had some issues,  and that’s one reason why things just didn’t work out.

The really bad date, though….

Oh, I wish it was Noah Syndergaard. But no. It was a Mets fan.

I know what you’re thinking, and I thought it, too: “Prof, a Braves fan and a Mets fan isn’t gonna gel.” But I thought why not? Who am I to judge? Besides, he hosts a college football podcast, I might have fun.

I’m not going to go into details here, but guys,  if you go out with a lady, even if its Dave and Busters, please comb your hair and don’t wear a Mets hoodie, and don’t do the worst Hawk Harrelson impression as a way to flirt. Please, just don’t. 

Also, don’t talk crap about your date’s baseball team. Don’t do that.

Yep, well, that’s what’s been happening in ol’ Prof’s life. If only I could find a single Braves fan who isn’t like a brother to me…

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