Manny Ramirez living the life in Japan, team promises unlimited Sushi

Former Major leaguer, Manny Ramirez, is now living the dream in Japan. He just arrived two days ago for a press conference (which was well attended by hundreds of fans and by the media) after signing a deal with the Kochi Island Fighting Dogs last year, and, now… he’s being treated like no other ballplayer in Japan has been treated before by an Independent league team according to Hochi sports.

Well, for one, Kochi just gave him a Mercedes Benz (team officials will drive for him) if he wants to go somewhere, two, all team practices are just optional for him, three, a pretty high valued suite for him to stay every night (estimated around 700 USD) compared to other players in the league, and lastly number four, delicious UNLIMITED SUSHI he wants to eat till the expiration of his contract.

Of course, Manny Ramirez can very much pay for these kinds of stuffs whenever he wants with the amount of earnings he have with his time in the Major leagues, but his team insists with this idea to give him the time of his life as long as he is still in Japan and with the organization.

Manny Ramirez also added that playing Baseball in Japan was his lifelong dream, and was very happy to finally accomplish it, he also said that he is open to play in NPB as long as interest is there. He is very passionate about the game, and would like to continue playing as long as that passion for Baseball remains strong.

23 thoughts on “Manny Ramirez living the life in Japan, team promises unlimited Sushi

  1. I’ve spent enough time in Japan that there aren’t many cities of any decent size of which I haven’t heard before. Kochi is such an important city that when you Google it you get the Wiki for the city of the same name in India. Ah well. I don’t know what the Japanese word for “boondocks” is orf the top of my head but that’s where Manny is now. Shikoku is the home island that serves mainly to absorb the vibrations of offshore earthquakes and keep them from hitting the southern coastal cities of Honshu, so it’s not like the place is totally useless. The American equivalent might be Arkansas or maybe Iowa. It’s also home to some very big poisonous centipedes called mukade, so Manny might want to get used to hanging his shoes on wall racks from now on. Okayama is the closest mainland city, with Hiroshima a distant second, to where Manny will be adding layers of mold and bracket fungus to his resume.

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      • If somebody likes lutefisk it ain’t me, though I have cooked a bunch of it for a bunch of krazy ass Norwegians. 37 years ago, when I was a dumb ass college kid, I chose the University of Minnesota over the University of Washington and the University of Hawaii because my best friend in Fairbanks Alaska was from a small town in Minnesota, and because like Fairbanks it snows a lot in Minneapolis. All my children and all my grandchildren are Minnesotans. I’m a lucky fella.

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        • Minnesang was a tradition of lyric and song writing in Germany that flourished in the Middle High German period. This period of medieval German literature began in the 12th century and continued into the 14th. People who wrote and performed Minnesang were known as Minnesänger.


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  6. Hi Ren. Yours truly is starring in a feature film being filmed in Maine! Actually , replace starring with a scene where I get to improvise my dialogue whilst playing a lobster man under suspicion for murder! Did I do it? I don’t know. I am not eligible to see the script yet, however, you sure as hell know that I probably did.

    Anyways, here’s my rider contract;

    Just wanted to let you know that I am greatful for the opportunity to ruin your 3 and a half years project for the 8 hour day of filming that you’re going to cut anyway.

    Are we still on for Monday? If so, I am afraid that I must inform you of my typical rider.

    I MUST HAVE no fewer than 17, ( seventeen ) Hershey bars (with Almond, even though I am allergic to almonds , no fewer than 3 twenty-five ounce Natty ice, 1 ( one) table full of the finest meats and cheeses that Oscar Mayer puts out, electricity would be preferable, but not a deal breaker.

    1 ( one) 1965 Greyhound bus ( which will henceforth be considered my living space ) only because that’s where I was conceived when I guess some stranger bought my Mom an ice cream cone ( you know how 13 year Olds are ),the letters *D and T * stricken from the Queens alphabet.

    My make up team can consist of no fewer than 6 (six) playboy playmates, I will gladly work for free if you have necromancers bring Anna Nicole back ( while we have the necromancers, I would appreciate if you could bring back Prince too ).

    No fewer than 2 bottles of Cook’s champagne to spray on my bitches ( assuming that you supply said bitches ) and finally, you and everyone else you know, tell my former girlfriend Erin that according to fucking whoop de do Hollywood standards, my Penis is fucking huge, it WILL hurt you, and if you still love me. ..I will ditch my wife if she’s interested.

    If she’s all fat and ugly now, ( it’s been 33 years ) disregard my last demand. However all other points still stand.

    Seriously, thanks for the opportunity. This is the one and only time I will get this chance. I sincerely hope that I don’t let you down. Thanks for considering me you’re a great kid. Cheers

    If I get the bus, I am happy.

    I made up the contract but the rest is true. I am scared but excited at the same time. The Last time I acted was in 3rd grade for a thanksgiving play where I was scenery. Ha

    Anyway, glad to see you are still being on top of your game. I am proud of you my friend. I do check this place out frequently, but the new Chef where I work makes us do homework, the acting thing, my music and oh yeah, my wife.

    I just don’t have much time to spare at the moment. I miss all of you and it’s probably a good thing I don’t post so much.

    Sorry to ramble, but I am high as fuck. It’s legal here now.

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      • I saw that guy when I was a teenager ( or someone with the same disability, although disability seems cruel and he probably made more cash in 5 years than any of my bands did in like forever. ) and my mom taught me not to stare at people different than me.

        He set my mind at ease by telling me ( and I paraphrase because it was about 40 years ago ) that; Son, you paid a dollar to get in here to stare at freaks, gawk all you want! “I thanked him for permission, and after a 10 second gawk fest, I blurted out; But, how do you masterbate? Good times.

        Thanks for responding OG, it means more to me than you could imagine. You’ve been a scholarly hero of mine for over a decade and for you to read my drivel and responding means an awful lot to me. Again, thanks sweet prince.

        Cheers ×2


        • That’s not the “freak” you mean – the famous circus feature “Lobster Man” had outsized fused fingers on both hands. I decided not to use a photo of him because I don’t particularly approve of the exploitation of deformities. This guy was, I think in costume for one of the Caribbean carnivals.

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        • You’re right, I am on my phone and I didn’t really look past the pincers to see the face. The forest for the trees if you will.

          Or broken squirrel, blind clock axiom. Either way, I never get tired of being wrong. Ha


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