Punchless Feesh Stumbling Outta the Gate. Phew.

I’ve been comparatively scarce so far because it’s the heart of “conference season” for hard working retired academics and I’ve been on the road – Nyorc, Albuquerque and tomorrow, Chicago – then back to New York. I draw a breath after next weekend. Meanwhile, some thoughts on how the Feesh look like so far this spring.

The  offense is looking awfully like last year’s. One run driven in on a groundout yesterday. No capacity to mount meaningful comebacks. Yeah, I know, it’s early – but the resemblance is disheartening even now as the team sinks to 1-3. And we’ve got the effectively benchless Jar Jar Baseball talking about using pitchers to pinch hit? Really?

Image result for images of jar jar binks

He’s Ba-a-a-ack….

Every season, there’s some  team or other on some kind of  “run prevention” expedition. A couple of years ago it was Seattle. I think Minnesota made the same noises next. You know where those guys wound up in the standings, right? The Feesh needed to add punch to the lineup and they brought us….A. J. Ellis? Looks like it’s gonna be a looooong season, don’t it?

Scrooge McLoria is home primping in front of the mirror and practicing his Berlitz French. He can’t be gone soon enough. Wonderful rumors about the team being sold continue to swirl like the aromas downwind of a perfume factory. Buddhaspeed the competing buyers.

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