Japan’s junior highschool girl helped team advanced to semi-finals

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Tsuchiya Yuna.

Truly something you rarely see these days, as junior high Nagaizumi-cho’s ace starting pitcher, Tsuchiya Yuna (2nd year?) helped her team advanced to the semi-finals in Shizuoka prefecture today, tossing a complete game 2-hit shutout against Atami junior highschool with a score of 1-0, becoming the first ever female pitcher to pitch a complete game shutout in Japanese Baseball history at the amateur level. The semi-finals match up will happen next month in Shimada stadium, March 4th.

Tsuchiya Yuna’s fastball velocity was around 107 kph but has outstanding control of her pitches during the game, along with with her off-speed (changeup) and breaking ball pitches that paints the edges of the strikezone, making her almost untouchable when on the mound, earning herself the title finesse princess among her fellow teammates. Of course, she couldn’t handle it alone if it weren’t for her trusty catcher, Ryotaro (2nd year)… giving her words of motivation whenever she’s in a pinch.

Image result for 女子エース土屋愉菜投手

Scoreboard results.

The director of Tsuchiya’s Baseball team, Nobuhiko-san (49 years of age), said that there were times that Tsuchiya wasn’t happy when being treated as a girl by his male teammates, and also mentioned that she wants to be treated equally like other players when playing the game she loves, which is none other than Baseball. Truly an awesome moment, no doubt.

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