Japan has a college player that can switch-pitch, and also switch-hit

Image result for 年生になる赤塚瑞樹 バッティング

Mizuki Akatsuka.

Ambidextrous pitchers are very hard to come by these days, let alone stay committed with it for quite a long time… but doing both switch-pitching, and switch-hitting at the same time? Now that is pretty much out of this world. But, nope, not anymore! Because in Japan, we have Mizuki Akatsuka (19 years of age) that can do all of that. Akatsuka is in college right now (first-year student), currently attending in Rikkyo University that is located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.

Originally right-handed, he’s been practicing the “twin-blade” style since 4th grade with the recommendation of his Baseball loving father, Hiroki Akatsuka (49 years of age), alongside batting both left, and right. Having also a variety of off-speed pitches and breaking balls in his aresenal, he can also reach 140 kph when pitching right-handed in his fastball velocity, while 135 kph when pitching left. He’s currently using a 6-finger custom made type glove, the same kind of glove that Major league pitcher, Pat Venditte, is using.

Mizuki Akatsuka is having hopes that he’ll be the first ever switch-pitcher, and switch-hitter to play in Nippon Professional Baseball, in which, certainly, will be really awesome to see someday.

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