Greg Maddux Strikes Again

Greg Maddux is well known for his many practical jokes. Some more disgusting than others, if certain people are to be believed. But the Mad Dog has mellowed out over the years, and now his pranks are of the TV’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes variety, such as this gem released yesterday as a viral ad for Red Bull. (Although I don’t get how Red Bull gets a lot of play from this; I just see the Third Baseman of the Future getting pranked by the Greatest Person Alive.)

If you don’t want to watch the video, the gist of it is that Mad Dog wore a bad wig and an even worse beard, no glasses, and a sloppy t-shirt instead of his usual ugly polo shirt to pretend he was the sound guy on an interview crew following Kris Bryant around. KB was going to take some hacks for the camera, but the person throwing BP for him had to “leave suddenly”. Enter the slobby looking sound guy, who claimed to be able to “throw a little”. I can’t spoil the rest of it for you, you have to watch it for yourself.

Kris Bryant and Greg Maddux

You have to believe KB was in on it. Or, maybe, I’m just so obsessed with Maddux that I can’t see how anyone couldn’t tell it’s him. As soon as the “Sound Guy” opened his mouth, I knew. Hell, I knew as soon as they showed his face. Maddux Twinkly Eyes are difficult to hide.

Anyway, this was the first time in a week that I’ve actually laughed and not felt dead inside, so thank you again, Greg Maddux, for giving me a reason to be alive.


2 thoughts on “Greg Maddux Strikes Again

  1. I had the feeling through it that the whole thing was a bit of a set up for the camera.

    But I suspended disbelief and enjoyed it. If it was real it was hilarious.

    I didn’t know much about Maddux’s reputation for pranks before now. A friend who is an Atlanta fan said they could be grossly juvenile. Oh well, Greatness hath its privilege.


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