Hanshin Tigers close to finalizing new deal with Rafael Dolis

The Hanshin Tigers, and 29 year old right-handed pitcher (reliever) Rafael Dolis have been reported to be close on finalizing a new deal, according to the report. An official announcement will soon be made by the organization if negotiations goes smoothly, Dolis is slated to arrived in Japan this late February.

Former Major leaguer, Rafael Dolis, who is bound to have a nice payday (and just recovered from an injury last season), had a very solid 2016 campaign with Hanshin Tigers last year, posting a record of 3-3, and an earned run average of 2.12 in 34 games played (34 innings pitched) as a reliever.

6 thoughts on “Hanshin Tigers close to finalizing new deal with Rafael Dolis

  1. I’m not so sure he’s going to make a huge amount of cash – surely the team is aware of his injury history (3 times last season including no action after July 31). Japanese teams don’t dump tons of money into the laps of players who join the team after missing spring training.

    I wish him all the best nonetheless!


      • I could definitely see that. When he signed last time, he was insurance in case Mateo didn’t work out. But he proved his value and that his stuff gets guys out in NPB. So you might be right about his possible salary. (I was able to meet him last year and text occasionally throughout the year. Hope to do so again this season!)

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      • Beautiful old stadium – has something of Wrigley Field (though bigger) and Camden Yards about it. We saw a terrific game between Hanshin and the Giants there in the early summer of either 1997 or 2000 that the Tigers won 1-0. My son and I were doing a tour of Japanese ballparks that summer – we didn’t get to all of them but if memory serves me right we caught about seven games. We need to come back and finish up – Hokkaido first. Getty itchy to return to Japan on general principle. I haven’t had to chase a mukade out of one of my shoes in too many years.

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