Sari-sari store business

We just got a Sari-sari store bussiness built up only a week ago, and will be really busy now that I won’t be posting much Baseball here due to our new store work… our opening time is around 8 AM to 10 PM (Monday to Saturdays) so I’m usually KO’d after that when I get home (just got home today, and am currently typing in bed :-().

We don’t have Wifi there (which is bad), so I guess I’ll have to hold off my Baseball news/videos for now. I wish I can take a picture of it so you guys can see it too, but the store naming is still not being displayed yet.

(The pic for this in the homepage is not our store by the way, only a picture example on what a sari-sari store looks like.)

11 thoughts on “Sari-sari store business

        • Only one so far who I think is a Baseball fan, though he’s not from our area, he seems pretty knowledgeable about it, basic rules and stuffs like that, we chatted a bit after he heard me talking some Baseball stuffs with my cousin as he orders some cigarettes, and turns out he just became a Cubs fan after watching the World Series last year.


        • Ren tell your cousin that I am discovering in growing detail that smoking for over half a century isn’t good for you.


        • I know that you don’t smoke because if you did I would have to do some sort of cyber leap and kick your ass. Slowly but inevitably dying by not being able to breathe is not a good way to go.

          I suppose that including cigarette sales is necessary to the successful startup of your business, but please never forget, as soon as you can afford to, that both of you are better than that.

          I started smoking when I was 11. I’m not smarter than you or your 15 your old cousin, I’ve just seen more of the movie than either of you have. If you need any help either keeping your cousin from starting or stopping smoking, I am honored to help.

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  1. Good luck with the store, Ren. Hopefully you are not too busy to drop in from time to time. Someone has to keep us all up-to-date on what’s happening in the Asian baseball world.


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