New Music!

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve posted a fun music post. Baseball is admittedly slow this time of year, and while I have been sorta keeping up with things I have to tell you that my heart is not in it right now. My heart’s not in anything right now, if I’m honest. But that being said, I have been listening to a lot of great music lately. If there’s something you’ve really been into lately, leave it in the comments below.

First off, we have the newest from hip hop supergroup RTJ. You might have heard that one of their newest songs references My Holy Trinity. It does. But it’s not this particular song. This song? This song is AS LOUD AS IT CAN POSSIBLY GO in my car when I hear it on the radio. RTJ3 MOFOs.

This one is really good, too. This dude does NOT look like he sounds. But trust me on this one.

Next we have a cover of a David Bowie song, performed by Passenger. I love the Hammond B3 organ use in this one. For some reason, this song sounds so desolate, so tragic. So beautiful and fragile.  I can’t help but think that this sums up my life right now.

Finally, we have this song, way out in left field. I guess it’s technically a country song? But it doesn’t sound like it. I really feel this right now. I know what it’s like to not even be able to drive down a road without knowing where that road leads, and then start crying. So instead you take the long away around, always. Anyway, this song. I love it. And even with that hideous beard, Sam Hunt is really really REALLY easy on the eyes.

14 thoughts on “New Music!

    1. Oddly enough, my wife and I have tickets to see Chicago (and the Doobie Brothers) in Boston in late July. This will be the first trip we have taken sans kids since our honeymoon in 1997 (#1 son was born in 1998). Three days to explore Boston (and catch a game at Fenway, of course)… I am so looking forward to this,

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        1. Boston is a relatively short 5-6 hour drive southwest of us, so we will drive down Wednesday and go to the concert that night, have Thursday and Friday to explore and go see the Red Sox and Royals on Friday night and drive back home on Saturday. Quick trip but will be nice to have some couple time without teenagers in tow.

          Good seats at Fenway, too… front row of Loge Box 149 (second section back of the 3rd base dugout)


    1. The day after Barack Obama won his first presidential election, this was playing non-stop in the offices where I worked.


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