Kenta Maeda signs autograph for 101-year old fan

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher, Kenta Maeda (28 years old), visited the Japanese-American National Museum in LA just this Saturday, and a fan, whose smile radiants bright as the rising sun… asking for an autograph, caught Maeken’s eye during his first tour inside the museum, and that’s Kimika Yamasaki, a now 101-year old Nikkei woman who’s born in the United States, and was also known as a big fan of the Dodgers during their Brooklyn era. She is a big supporter of Kenta Maeda, and has known of his achievements during his time in Japan.

Kimika Yamasaki received Dodgers merchandise/autographs signed by Kenta Maeda himself (not to mention a Kenta Maeda bobble-head doll), you could say it’s some sort of an advance birthday present as Maeda handed this out back in Saturday for Yamasaki’s scheduled birthday today, as she just turned 101 years old this January 30th (local time in Japan)… No doubt in mind that Maeda gave his fan an experience, and wonderful gift to remember a lifetime, as Yamasaki-san gives him her sincere thanks, and hopes for him to have a wonderful season this year.

Kimika Yamasaki. (Via JP Sports Alert)

Kenta Maeda, who attended the Dodgers fan fest on the same day, was really appreciative of the support, and the gesture he has received from his fans in the United States… he will strive himself to do his very best to take the Dodgers to the postseason stage, and hopes to give them, and the city of Los Angeles a World Series championship title they long for.

One thought on “Kenta Maeda signs autograph for 101-year old fan

  1. Great story! 彼は魂を持っています (He’s got soul!)

    FYI I’m looking at this summer’s airfares to Japan since I might have a bit of lecturing to do there – keeping fingers crossed – and they’re pretty steep this year. I missed the special deals some airlines were offering when they began flying directly into Haneda again last Summer. Ahh rats – Haneda’s 15 minutes from my favorite Tokyo hotel, the Shinegawa Prince. Narita’s two hours away.

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