KT Wiz To Set Up Memorial Hall To Honor Andy Marte

The KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) KT Wiz, have announced today that they will set up a memorial space tomorrow inside KT Wiz ballpark in Suwon, South Korea (lobby, central entrance area), to honor their former infielder, Andy Marte, who passed away in the Dominican Republic Sunday morning, at the age of 33… (Kansas City Royals starting pitcher, Yordano Ventura, passed away on the same day as well on separate incidents.)

(KT Wiz’ tribute to former infielder, Andy Marte.)

Andy Marte, even though he played for just 2 years with the KT Wiz in the KBO (2015-2016), he was still beloved by his fans throughout, he played for an expansion team who finished dead last for 2 consecutive years since the team’s introduction in the league in 2015, but still, even with those years, he’s always the kind of guy who brings excitement to his team/fans with his friendly demeanor and power he displays when he’s there at the batters box, he wouldn’t hesitate to sign autographs or pose pictures with his fans during his time there in South Korea… when news broke out yesterday that he died in a car accident in his hometown DR, his former teammates (and other players as well playing for different teams in the KBO), and fans in South Korea were heartbroken to hear about his recent passing.

Playing for 2 seasons in the KBO, Andy Marte batted .312/.396/.547 with 42 homers and 163 RBIs in 206 career games played, he finished his 2016 campaign batting .348/.421/.569 with 20 homeruns and 89 RBI in 115 games… even though he finished the year on a high-note, Marte wasn’t retained by KT in the off-season last year, but still gives a message of thanks to his former organization, and fans for giving him a wonderful experience in their country.

One thought on “KT Wiz To Set Up Memorial Hall To Honor Andy Marte

  1. I see the Feeeeesh just acquired Severino Gonzalez from the Feeeeeelies. What a bold move. This will put them directly into detention…….. I mean contention.


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