How To Succeed at Pitching Without Even Trying

Hey, it’s almost time for pitchers and catchers to report, so we know you have throwing on your mind. Well, lucky for you, Tigers’ pitcher Justin Verlander handed out some words of wisdom on the subject today on the Twitters. Let’s see how the bull session went.

It started with a random thought about training young pitchers…

I’m assuming the in-flight movie was Trouble with the Curve, but let’s continue.

Folks started asking V follow up questions then, and he gave some interesting answers. First, there was the guy who asked how old Verlander was when he started throwing “hard.”

I don’t know why we have to scare-quote hard there, but okay.

Next, was someone who asked if throwing hard was intentional or just his natural way of throwing. Verlander’s response:

In other words, kids, velocity doesn’t just happen. You have to try to make it go fast.

And then there was a question from 2017’s lead for Worst Parent of the Year:

Yeah, what’s a good elementary school pitch count? Asking for a 9-year-old.

Thank Jobu for this wonderful response:

See how he demonstrates more diplomacy there than Trump has in his entire body? Personally, I would’ve gone with “Jobu H. Christ, white person! Let your kid be a kid. Make your own money.” Whatever works though.

And, then, finally, Verlander finishes with the key to his success: he works out.

Yep, he built up those muscles and a stronger arm threw harder. Also, puberty — sorry, 9-year-old.

Less than a month, folks!

7 thoughts on “How To Succeed at Pitching Without Even Trying

    • Agreed. It is as shameful to mention in a baseball discussion that Trump isn’t very diplomatic as it would be to mention in a baseball discussion that he is socially, emotionally and cognitively arrested at the level of a badly brought up 14 year old boy.

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    • The guy who runs this blog, scoutsaysweitersisabust, agrees with you. Politics and baseball are not supposed to intermingle according to him. If you’re new here, few more tips: it helps to kiss his butt and assuage his fragile ego. Oh, it also helps if you’re white and not a woman. If you are unfortunate enough to be a woman here, be sure to be a white one and bow down to his “greatness.” If you follow my tips, you’ll fit right in. Enjoy.


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