Wil Myers To Sign 6 Year Extension In San Diego

Wil Myers apparently likes it in San Diego and has decided to stick around a while.  After getting traded to the Padres after a disappointing 2015, Myers turned in a career year in 2016 including a trip to the All-Star game.  Myers will be rewarded with a reported 6 year 83 million dollar deal.

While things seem to be trending up for the 26-year-old, the extension does come with plenty of risk. Myers doesn’t have the greatest history of staying on the field, and it’s tough to know whether he’s fully over those issues after an injury-free 2016.

Though the move to first probably helps in that sense, it also makes his bat less valuable. Last year, first baseman combined to hit .255/.334/.447. Right fielders, Myers’ former spot, hit a combined .257/.327/.425. The difference isn’t huge, though 20 points of slugging isn’t nothing, but Myers’ bat would be more valuable in a corner outfield spot. At first base, his numbers are muted by the elite sluggers.

Myers, 26 batted .259/.336/.461/.797 with 28 stolen bases and 28 Home Runs in 2016.

Myers and the Padres have avoided Arbitration by inking the deal.

The deal might seem a little excessive considering Meyers up-and-down history, however he is still the Padres sole bright spot on a pretty terrible franchise.  Meyers may still live up to the expectations that were given when he won the Rookie of the Year award in 2013 if he can stay healthy and string together a few more productive seasons.

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