Andy Burns signs with Busan Lotte Giants

Toronto Blue Jays infielder, Andy Burns, 26 years of age, will be playing his next season in the KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) with the Busan Lotte Giants, an official announcement was made just today. According to the report, the contract details for Burns was said to be on a one-year deal that is worth an estimated 780 million Won (650,000 USD overall… 50,000 USD in signing bonus, while 600,000 USD in annual salary).

With this acquisition, the Busan Lotte Giants have now fulfilled the league’s 3-foreign player limit quota in Andy Burns, Parker Markel, and Brooks Raley (just re-signed) for the upcoming season.

The right-handed hitter Andy Burns made his Major league debut last year with the Blue Jays back in May 9, and finished his 2016 regular season campaign appearing in only 10 games mostly as a defensive replacement, and pinch-hitter… going hitless in all 6 at-bats (7 plate appearances).

4 thoughts on “Andy Burns signs with Busan Lotte Giants

  1. The Korean league is really hopping this weenter. I guess this must be how they keep warm over there.

    Meanwhile, here in Kyushu, we have our problems. Mt. Toya volcano, so long inactive, is once again rumbling and threatening the people with eruption…..

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      • Any difference between the foreign player limit in Japan and Korea? In Japan it used to be two but it sounds like that might have changed by now.

        I do know that it used to annoy me a little when I first started going to Japanese league games when foreign players came to bat or were pitching. They were mostly washouts I already knew or knew about, and I was curious about the Japanese ballplayers whose places they were taking.

        That’s going back maybe 20 years or more, though. Now, between the various Latin American, North American, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese leagues (and even the Australian leagues, which are making concerted efforts to improve) and the WBC, everything is so scrambled that I just relax and enjoy the games.

        Most of all, though, I enjoy the crowds in Asia. It’s a different sensibility. Loudmouths and vulgarity aren’t tolerated very well, and as with jazz – Japanese jazz fans are the most knowledgeable I’ve ever met – the fans are very well informed about their players.

        Sushi at Japanese stadiums can be tacky, though. I’m amazed they tolerate it.


        • The foreign player limit in the KBO league is now up to 3 (compared to just 2 in the previous years), while expansion teams can have 4 in the active roster. NPB teams can have at least 6-7 foreign players (5 in the active roster, others at Ni-Gun).


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